Track panel colors changed in Cubase 10.5 ?!

On Cubase 10 you could set your track panel colors a lot brighter than on 10.5.
I set up my colors exactly how I wanted them, and now thats not possible anymore.
Please, please, please dont restrict such customizability on new updates (in general).

Thank you!



Things are getting more gloomy at Steinberg?


Weird, they look disabled or something. it’s not because of the ‘Lock’?

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in one preferences screen shot you’re in Event Display/Tracks

and in the other you’re in User Interface/Track and MixConsole Channel Colours

did the move the settings out of Event Displat/Tracks?

Yes they moved the settings. AND in addition they changed them, so you cannot set the same brightness as before.

But there are still an Event Display/Tracks as well in 10.5… What does it do then?

There is only one option left in there, which is about the standard track width. Nothing with colors.

When I go to Prefs, User Interface, the Tracks and MixConsole Channels Channel Colours item is not present.

I am running Cubase Pro 10.5 Build 301 in Win 10, I upgraded about 4 weeks ago. But the check updates process maintains that I have the latest version of Cubase.

Similarly I do not have the Retrospective Recording option box in the Inspector above the Track Versions dialogue. I can still insert retrospective recording from the Transport Menu,

Are these items only available in Mac? Or have I not selected some option elsewhere and missing out on all the fun?

I believe retrospective is per track now, look in track inspector


YEp, thanks, that’s what I can’t find. I can only go via the menu, I don’t have the box in the Inspector.

At the top of Cubase arrange window, go to Project > Project Colors Setup. There you can make CUSTOM color preference choices including if you wish to add names to colors.

That was not the point of the thread, its about the “shadow” effect on the right part of the tracks. I am however used now to the new looks and nvm. There are other much more important things, which I like to be done with cubase.