CHANNEL NAMES COLOUR STRIP 10.5 - Complaints and Suggestions, mockups inside

Seeing a few complaints on the new white on black channel titles in the mixer and I agree it’s not great on my eyes - everything else I really like.

I did some mockups

Dark colour white text

Normal colour, black text

Normal Colour mellower, black text

Black text on White

Green Tape black text

And came to the conclusion we should be able to just customize this area how we want
-Option to decide between solid colour, or mirroring channel colours
-independent brightness
-control over text size and font type (let us get funky here if we want!)
-Font colour
-Option: Font colour same as track colour, mirrored

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Yes! I like images 1, 2 & 3 the best, although I think 1 is my fav, as the white text has just the right amount of “pop” against the colours - THESE are how the mixconsole colours should have been implemented. Someone at SB please take note!

I don’t get it, in most of the promo pics for instance on the overview page, , the coloured labels are there


Thats the brightest you can go with your track panels in 10.5 and thats horrible if you like your track panels colored well:
Please revert that to how it was on 10.0!

In addition It would be great if you could also change solo/mute button colors, or make them better visible when track colors are yellow/red.

OT: why dont you embed your pics by using the [img] tag? Makes it easier to check them.

1 or 3 for me

Yes… strange; must have been an Alpha/Beta build…

Nice… I’ve also just realised something else. I like how the M S L e buttons look here. The curve to the button edges is much better, less excess of boxes in a box with a highlight contrasting a shadow of another box, of a box. I hate how this looks as normal but then it clicked, is that how it looks on apple or did you do it? I hate apple to and I may have to correct my view due to this one thing.

I am on the opposite side.

And I must say, I DON´T LIKE these mockups. Sorry.

And I’m glad that the multicolor stuff in this mixer area is gone in Cubase 10.5 - much better now.
In Pre C 10.0 you could not read the fonts with some colours (!) :bulb:
So everything is much easier now in 10.5 to read because of contrast.

I think it’s just habituation.

P.S: in Cubase SX it was the same as it is now in 10.5… :bulb:


I like image 1 the best, followed by the 10.5 default black background.

Image 1 is the best by far! Really like it!

some of this is going to be up to the user to properly design obviously… to avoid colours that make it hard to see.

what is it you don’t like about the mockups? you don’t have to like the colours chosen, you can choose your own colours

Enjoying all the new 10.5 features, especially smart tool. :astonished:

One thing I prefer it’d be to have the colored labeled tracks like in the quoted image, like they’ve been on version 10 as opposed as a thin line like now in 10.5.
It’s a nice option to give users; personally I won’t color the whole channel strip, and not doing that, the thin line makes more difficult to find tracks.
For some reasons coloring the channels strips works great on ProTools, and I thought it could be a great idea, but it doesn’t look neat and clean on Cubase.

I like it the way it is now.

Is it for sure the most important area to focus on?

Mich dont think so…

But the white on black sticks out like crazy IMO… And why change it in the first place?

Being able to see is pretty important. Maybe you have the fortune of having a bigger screen and better eyesight.

Can some one tell me if the less curviness to the buttons below, above the fader is a windows/mac difference or hidpi or something. I hate the curves when the mixer is made super small, nothing looks right.

The White Text on Black looks terrible IMO. Why break up the colorized strips with that? I say just go back to the 10.0.50 behavior. The promo pic version looks much better. Option #2 above with the colorized text looks good too.

maybe it’s easier to see in some instances that’s why depending on the variables people are in. maybe some people like the look of it based on what colours they use on tracks.

there’s lot of variables to consider

But if the label is hard to read with certain channel colors, then change the color. Like if you had Black Text on Dark Purple, you’d think “oh, maybe dark purple isn’t the right color this channel - let me use light purple instead, or sky blue.”


All my shades of colour are assigned based on what the track is and most are targets in PLE code.

The first picture is darkened colour with white text and it’s easy to see.

If you read my OP, the suggestion is to let people customize the channel label colour however they want. What is there not to like?