Track Presets - no Aux Saving?

hi, what is the point of a track preset if it doesnt save the Aux Sends for the track also …what the hell.

i have to right-click on a new track in the mixer that i have created and then load a Channel Mixer file i have saved to load a full track and its default plugins and settings and sends… basicially 3 or 4 moves to do what the Track Presets were meant to save me from doing …but fail.

another half-baked feature from Steinberg. why not complete the job Steinberg and do this properly…hmmmpfff

Something along the same lines, but more constructive, is going on in this topic:

hi Arjan, yes ive been following that topic but they seem to be talking about something slightly different, they are talking about wanting to import parts from other projects. i am just talking about making the whole Track Presets concept in Cubase useful by including the aux send settings in the channel mixer as part of a Track Preset.

anyways from my point plus the other topic there is certainly room for improvement in this department.

here is my “constructive” part…please add Aux Send settings to be able to be saved along with a Track Preset Steinberg thank you


It would be nice if there was a dialog box with the option to click “save aux sends” or “activate aux sends”…

Which Send Targets should be saved?

physical Ports?
plugin ID?
internal ID of a “cubase Part”?

Best Ragards!

i have no idea what you are on about. ports? ids? targets?

the problem is that Aux sends are not saved as part of a Track Preset. This is what this topic is about…getting Track Presets fixed so that they save the Aux Sends in the channel mixer as well as everything else…so Track Presets are truely useful.


i think the point is that you want save multiple channels/tracks…

in ableton for example you can do this but then every Return-Channel from the original “track/Project” get added to the project.

I know a bit confusing but when You take time to think about this, you ´ll mind what i mean with the adressing in my first post here.