FEATURE REQUEST - cubase parts (track saving)

Did you ever imagine a Cubase Project where you can insert some other .cpr’s where you build something realy special. a bassline… or cool FX which you want to pre-listen and choose the one you want.

And if you want you can use it as Audio, or you have the option “to work it like it’s freezed…”

but with one click the “souce .cpr” of the Audio will be loaded and you can start editing…

When you have insert for example: Drums128.cpr, Bass8515.cpr ,Rest0815.cpr you don’t have to open any and Import/Export… just pre-listen in the media bay > insert the one you want > edit… or just use the audio…

In other words, the “possibilety” to load/save a Audio/.cpr.
Cubase Part = .cpr + audio of the master out…

Best Regards!

Or, make it possible to make midi-parts with automation, VSTi Rack and Audio-Tracks…

Have a look at the Save Tracks function.

Hi Loopbreaker,

this sounds to be interesting.
If I understand it right a mixture of TrackSaving, VST Preset, Automation and Midi- Data for a special area of your project?Something like “project pattern”?

So that you can copy and paste it to another project?



sorry what is TrackSaving? i use the German version… (but i know it’s not possible the way i would like)

yes like a Midi-Loop with Multiple Tracks (Audio/Instr/Midi…F11Rack)…

Just import a Cubase Part from the Mediabay into a cpr… (very quick because Audio is used)
and you could just use the audio but if you want you can “unfreez” it.


Hi Loopbreaker,

with “TrackSaving” I just mentioned “saving-all-happened-on-the-track” as a part of the feature request.



Cup o things:

  1. If you want to pre-listen and choose which audio file you want, just select AutoPlay in the import dial box

  2. If you want to insert audio from another cpr, you can open that project, and choose not to activate. You can then select audio events, and c&p them into the new (current) project, and all of the track settings (eq, plugs, etc) will follow right along.

  3. If you want to insert MIDI data or events from another cpr, you can do the same as #2, then c&p. However - I think what you are getting at here, is you want to have the ability to do this, but first play and hear that MIDI data in the old (not activated) project. I admit that would be pretty cool, but that MIDI data has to be triggering something. If it’s triggering an external synth, then this theoretically should not be too difficult to code. On the other hand, if the MIDI data is triggering a VI, then I have a feeling that that’s not going to even be in the ballpark of possible, as that VI is a .dll file which is not currently loaded - therfore it, and anything associated with it can not be heard. Even if SB could come up with some code to temporarily activate a .dll in another non-active project, that’s opening up a whole can of worms, and a ton of possibilities for conflicts and things to go wrong.


Thanks, yes this is exactly what i mean!

Cubase should be able to export “mutliple Tracks” inkl. used “F11Rack” Slots…

So that in the new .cpr where the “cubase part” get imported al MIDI-Sources.
“all Midi in”
MIDI from other VST Plugins: Midi-Shaper is a very good examle
are correctly re-connected.
(Virtual MidiPorts also, but i hope ther will be “soon” a solution inside Cubase that a MidiTrack>loopMidi>GenericControl>QuickControl>the parameter i want to control is not neccessary anymore, https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=24508 )
and of coures the Audio routing to the Goups, Sends…

And “saving-all-happened-on-the-track” (Audio/VariAudio/Midi/AUTOMATION)

Do you maybe know if a Automation has only a fixed value, or is it possible to have a “relativ” controller like +/-, and i think that every VST could read the Automation data form another VST, probably it would sound ugly but it would work, or not? (because if would be not, my Automation featuer request, link in this post, would be nonsenss)

Thanks in Advance!

Cup o things:

Thank You, but I want to import audio (source F11 Rack and Audio Tracks) and then “unfreez” it (in another .cpr)

You want to import audio from the F11 Rack? No - there is no audio there.

You want to import audio, then unfreeze the audio? If you import it, it isn’t frozen to begin with.

I really have no clue as to what you want to do here, sorry.

Thank You!

In other words:

export a .cpr with the MainOut renderd in it.

This renderd MainOut is used as preview in the Mediabay.

But when you import this “Audio” (preview of the “Cubase Part”) you can “unfreez” it in another .cpr.

Of course this should work with selcted Tracks, F11Rack, Automation, Midi, Audio, VST, VSTi… (midi Loop deluxe)
that you can save complex things as ONE preset with audio preview, and so you could just use the Audio or Edit it after… (in another .cpr)

You want to import audio from the F11 Rack? No - there is no audio there.
_MidiTrack out > F11 Rack, (if no Midi there it would be quiet sensless, of courese)
You want to import audio,
then unfreeze the audio? If you import it, it isn’t frozen to begin with.
That’s the point: a Audio with a .cpr integrated (to “unfreez” anywhere if you like…)

I really have no clue as to what you want to do here, sorry.[/quote]
Thx. I hope now you can see it clearly…

Best Regards

Do you mean:

The main OP of a project is written in an audiofile with meta-data
referring to the original project. So when you like what you’re hearing
you can import it and Cubase will not import a stereo audio-file,
but all the single components that were used to create that audio-file.

Best regards.

Edit: One more thing that would be nice:
An import dialog that let’s you choose the components
or the basic stereo-file that you’ve been listening to. :sunglasses:

You are correct, but i would prefer to import the Audio (with .cpr meta data) in the .cpr but there is now just the audio (no long load time) and perhaps it’s enogh to just use the audio…

if you want you can than “unfreez” it… so import dialog is not essential (maybe choose just one of them after importing…)

When you work with the “freezed” CubasePart (“Audio”), you should be able to cut and rearange, but to “strech” or render something in it: you have to fix it as audio first. (because a CubasePart =/= Audio)

Thank you all!!!

There is also the problem that we can’t save things from the F11-Rack not nearly from Instrument tracks…

We use the F11 Rack to have the advanteges:
Route multiple Midi-Sources on it. (Midi-Ports & VSTs (Env, LFO…))
And use Multiple Audio-Outs.

When we use automation we get funked up by importing/exporting to another .cpr.

So it would be quit nice to have also this as a away of Multi-Instrument-Track.
and Trackpreset would be quiet useful, (but in a Cubasepart you have a preview…)


  • A track where you can use multiple VSTi, multiple Outs,
  • Groupe them…
    and “freez” it get’s “audio”, (*but one click going back…)
    *You can save this as a Cubase Part.
    *i.m beliving in a “Folder” funktion for the mixer…
    *When you save it you have the Audio for previewing
    *You could just work with Audio when you import, (because much more power is only neccessary when you “unfreez” it)
    *Or try wich is worth to use, and click>
    cubase do the rest>, and you can focus on the sound.

    I hope this is written clearly…

Do you think this now also?
because there is nothing loaded before you “unfreez”.

The Routing of the “Plugins” by exporting to a Cubase Part has to be re-memberd.
Saved as Cubase Part only audio is used…
When you want to “unfreez” the CubasePart, Cubase has to re-do the old routing in the new .cpr.
(would sum the whole CubasePart on a Gropue-Channel (aka “freez Audio” Out) and route this to master.)

I think the Problem now is that, there is no CB internal solution to route Midi-Tracks to Automation, and so Midi-Ports are used, and i think them to automatically reconnect (to external SW) will be impossible: