Track Quick Controls not working

I’m having some trouble getting Track Quick Controls working. Not sure what I’m missing here.

I have track quick controls set up and vst quick controls set to nothing (so they don’t conflict). It was easy to get the track Quick Controls set up - I put it in ‘learn’ mode and just went from there.

I also have no problem (it seems) setting up a particular track’s QC settings - i can set it to various track parameters, easily enough. Moving the slider in the track inspector will make the corresponding parameter move - i.e. the settings for an equalizer on that track for instance.

The only thing is - when i move the dial on the midi controller, the track QC parameter doesn’t move. I can see midi activity on the meter in the transport bar section. Wondering if there is something I need to do, some place to enable the track to receive messages from the track QC. Maybe something is blocking the midi device or has it locked already?


Are you sure the MIDI CC40 is really sent from your hardware?

Do I understand you right that it works, if you move the QC slider in the Inspector, but it doesn’t work when you move the HW knob, right?

I bring back that topic becaause it’s exaclty my issue : if I move the QC slider in the Inspector, but it doesn’t work when I move the HW knob ! In fact, I never had thos quick controls working since they exist !
Everything is correctly set up, though.

Only the 8 parameters in quick control vsti focus works. If I change a parameter in the inspector for, let’s say, an eq frequency with the learn feature, I can see the new parameter in the inspector but it’s not moving witn my midi controler, it is still the vsti parameter that is moving ! :imp:

And none of the track quick control either.

Is there some secret thing to do ? I had several pc config since quick controls appeared and it NEVER worked ! :open_mouth:

HELP ! I was disapointed to not see any answer to this topic ! :mrgreen:

Damn !! All the sudden, for misterious reason, I can control an eq with my HW controller via quick controls ! I thought that for controling a cubase eq, vst quick control was needed but it works only with the track ones !

Sorry Jopo, I never bothered posting back with my ‘solution’. Reinstalling the device drivers for my interface (Prosonus usb 96) fixed things. Nothing was showing an error, but somehow things got out of sync.