Digging into Quick Controls - Track vs. VST - and Inspector

Hi folks,

wanted to share some findings with you around Quick COntrols (Track vs. VSTi) and Quick Controls in Inspector.

I digged into this subject when setting up QCs using TouchOSC on an Android tablet. While doing this, I got a bit confused. As it seems, I am not alone on this.

Then I found also some useful info in those threads:

Here is what I did (my setup for experimenting).

  • Used TouchOSC to program two sets of 8x knobs each.
  • Each set and knob has a different midi channel and different CC.
  • The 1st set of knobs got assigned to Track Quick Controls in Cubase Studio Setup.
  • The 2nd set of knobs got assigned to VST Quick Controls in Cubase Studio Setup.
  • Used Halion SE as the instrument in an instrument track (Stereo)
  • Used VST-Multipanner on this track. The track is routed to a 5.1 output bus.


    1. In INspector, the default 8x instrument QCs are show up automatically. (I have not set any Track QC as of yet).

    1. Moving a QC-Knob for VST-QC on the tablet changes the parameter of the instrument (e.g. Tone Color). THe Inspector-QC is showing this too.

    1. Changing the controls in Inspektor changes the parameter in Halion, and also sends the value to the tablet (the tablet knob is moving).

    1. CHanging the controls in Halion makes the Inspector follow the change, and also the knob on the tablet.

OK, no surprise so far. Now it gets somewhat interesting.

    1. After “Activate Quick Control” in Inspector, both sets of tablet knobs (QC for Track and QC for VST) start working simultaneously and affect only (!) the VST instrument parameter. In other words, changing Track-QC on the tablet changes VST-QC in Cubase.

    1. Now I open VST Multipanner and assign Left-Right-Pan knob to “QC Slot #1” (Right-mouse button above the panner knob)

  • 6a) Now on the tablet, the QC-knob for Track and VST have separated their functions (as expected). One to Track-QC and the corresponding one to VST-QC.

  • 6b) In Inspector, Slot #1 shows “L-R-Pan” for Track-QC1 and can be used to change the parameter. (VST slot #1 is no longer shown. Slots #2-#8 still show VST QC as before)

  • 6c) Still, all three control options (Halion GUI, Inspector, tablet) keep being in’synch and can be used as you like.

    1. Now switching off “Activate Quick COntrol” in Inspector

  • 7a) Stops the Track-QC from the tablet to affect the VST-Multipanner. (Track QC from the tablet now “Disabled”, which makes sense.)

  • 7b) In Inspector, the Track-QC can still be changed. VST-Multipanner follows the changes.

  • 7b) And the tablet knob still follows the change of Track-QC in Inspector (makes kind of sense to keep all displayed controls in synch.)

  • 7c) All VST-QC still do work to its full extend (tablet knob, inspector, Halion GUI) despite having switched off “Activate Quick COntrols”. (Hmmm, that is not as expected - for me)

To switch in Inspector between modified Track-QC and VST-QC assignments, 1st save the modified Track-QC assignments as a preset by using the “Save Preset” menu button within the menu with the “diamond button” (the button is between the text “Quick Controls” and the big “Q symbol”). Then you can switch back and forth by selecting your saved preset or the command “Get default QCs from plugin” within the same “diamond” menu.

An open question may be, why deactivating QC in Inspector (button “Activate Quick COntrol”) leaves the VST-QCs active. Also, why is it, while you have no Track-QC assigned in Inspector, both tablet controller sets (Track-QC and VST-QC) can be used for VST-QC simultaneously.

OK so far. Am not sure, whether all this is “as-it-should-be” and it is just me not understanding the subject sufficiently.

Sorry, if this might have become a bit lengthy and it may not be of much value for you.

You are very welcome for any questions or feedback.

LG, Juergi


Because VST Quick Controls are not Track Quick Controls and you deactivated Track Quick Controls only.

VST Quick Controls control the 8 parameters (knobs) specifically named Quick Controls in the VSTi. Track Quick Controls are assignable freely.

This is by design. By default the Track Quick Controls are automatically assigned to the VST Quick Controls of the VSTi. This is useful, if you don’t use both sets (i.e. if you use Track Quick Controls only, which is the most often case). When you add a track, the Track Quick Controls are assigned to the VST Quick Controls by default and you don’t have to set it up. If you want to customise it, you can.

Hi Martin,

thanks for the reply and further explanations. Appreciate it.

That is OK too.

Is it OK to say, that just the button name “Activate Quick Controls” is a bit misleading, as it only activates/deactivates Track-QC while leaving VST-QC fully active?

LG, Juergi


If I know, which button do you mean exactly, then I would say it’s kind of clear from the context. Because this button is part of the Track Quick Controls section, isn’t it? At the other hand, it would be even clearer and more descriptive, I agree.