Tracking vs. Watching vs Normal in this forum

Hello there,

I would like to have, that everytime someone replies in a topic I posted in, I get a notification.

Right now I only get notified if someone replies directly to me, tags or quotes me or likes one of my posts. For all other posts I only see a “new comment” count next to the topic in the main view.

These are my settings:

What would be the correct setting for “when I post in a topic” to make that possible?

Automatically Track Topics I Enter

I don’t want to get notifications of every Topic I am reading through after a certain amount of time, just those where I commented on.

See this entry in the Forum Guide to see what is possible to configure.

In your screenshot it shows as Watching but the behavior you describe is what Tracking does.

Maybe turn the setting totally off, exit the forum & wait awhile. log back on and reset to Watching

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I will try to do that, thanks!
I set it to tracking and back to watching and it seems to work now!
Thats funny. :thinking:

@steve btw. I struggled to find that guide, is there any way to find sticky threads in this forum?

Pinned topics are unpinned once the user reads it.

But there’s a link in the menu next to the user avatar.

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