tracks on the wrong spot in mixer window

Sometimes I found a differece in the run of order of my audio tracks in the mixer window.
So when I have in the main window track 1,2,3,4 it could be that theire diplayed in the mixer window as 1,3,2,4.
It looks like its happening when i duplicate tracks.
Anyone an idea?

same here. drives me crazy sometimes. but i couldn’t really find out yet, when and why this happens.

Are you working with splitted project window? There are some known issues since N4 when switching tracks between the two tracklists. Never solved.

This has been happening for a long while and never found out why. Only remedy is to drag the track in the arrange window than back to correct the order.

An easy fix is to just hit “F3” to hide the mixer than hit it again and the mixer should look fine.