Trackversions window enlarge or separate

Hi Guys,

Absolutely loving Track Versions…they have sped up the way I record and edit so much, it’s absolutely fantastic.
However, the window is quite small, and esp. when working with a lot of edits a lot of scrolling and clicking is required.

I would like to request that the window can either be custom enlarged, or open up in a slightly bigger separate edit window that can stay on top and placed wherever the user wants.
This awesome feature deserves a bit more GUI space! :slight_smile:
Other additives could be a search field for quick locating.





I think this is a general problem. See also this post:

It’s specific to Mac as for the retina support, but I think in general, when you have a 30" monitor or maybe even 2 of those and at a distance in order to have the full view, things get really tiny! And not only the track versions window, ALL controls and fonts in Nuendo are very very small.

Back in the day of 14" screens this was all nice and good, but in today’s age with high DPI screens, it’s just barely readable. So it would be good I think to generally increase font size and GUI elements as they’ve gotten so small and hard to click because they’re so tiny!