Transferring of eLicenser from old computer to new computer, how to get a new eLicenser number from eLicenser Control Centre?

Hi, I desperately need help as a new user to Cubase LE 10 and Retrologue 2. I’ve just installed and used these software without difficulty. However, as I’m changing my computer, I can’t transfer the eLicenser (stored in old computer) to the new computer.

I’ve registered the eLicenser serial number (20 digits) with my Steinberg account. When I log-in to “My Product” and tried to reactivate both software by clicking “Reactivate License” button, it showed the old Soft-eLicenser number and when I clicked it, it came to a new page asking for “new Soft-eLicenser” number (while the old Soft-eLicenser number appeared at the bottom line). But, I don’t know how to obtain the “new Soft-eLicenser” number from the eLicenser Control Center in my old computer, which is required for obtaining the new activation code to authentic the software to be used in the new computer.

Could someone please help me?

Did you install eLicenser on your new computer?

It is probably asking for this new eLicenser number.

Hi Misohoza, thanks for responding. No, I’ve not installed any eLicense on my new computer. I’ve just installed the “eLicenser Control Center“ app, and it’s empty inside containing no eLicenser at all. This is where I got confused.

Run the eLicenser Control app and select Registration from the menu. There you should find the number of your new eLicenser. It should be this you need to enter before you get new activation codes. I think.


It seems like you’ve done everything correctly.

You have installed the elicenser control centre app on your new computer…but there is no “new soft elicencer” ?

can you try this;

then put the NEW soft-elicencer number in the transfer thing in your steinberg account.

Let us know how you get on

Hi Misohoza, yes I did exactly as you said, but there is no new eLicenser number.

Hi Dr Strangelove, I’ve followed your advice & suggestion accordingly. Finally I’m able to obtain a new eLicenser number from a newly installed eLicenser Control Center. Deeply appreciate your help.

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