Transform 8th notes into 16th notes

hi there;
in a project I imported a MIDIfile. Infortunately, it contains 8th notes, and I need 16th notes:
I explain: I want to transform 16 8th notes, occupying 2 bars, in a 16 16th notes occupying 1 bar.
And that on the entire track.
How can I do this ?

Hi @Gilles_Barges,

welcome to the forum!
Which exact version of Cubase are you using?

  • Only in Cubase Pro and by using Logical Editor, there’s a specific preset named
    standard set 1” → “double tempo”, which does exactly what you want to do - since it directly achieves double tempo by letting you execute one simple command.

  • If you’re using Cubase Elements, you’d sadly have to change / move all note values / note positions manually. Here the easiest way might be to use the Key Editor instead of the (only rudimentary) Score Editor, in order to manually reduce all single notes to their half length(s) and also move them manually (which will probably result in rather tedious work, unless you select all notes and then shorten one - all other selected notes will follow. Although the repositioning to half-grid would remain purely manual work, per note).

So, in Cubase Pro it would work like this:


  • select all the notes that you want to transform (Key Editor / Score Editor / Project MIDI track event)
  • Cubase Menu: MIDILogical EditorSetup
  • Logical Editor: Preset → standard set 1double tempoApply

[-Screenshot 01-]

[-Screenshot 02-]

[-Screenshot 03-]

Best wishes,

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You can also use the Time Stretch Tool in the Project View. Just shorten the MIDI part from two bars to one.


Thank you very much. I have Cubase 12 Pro. I experienced a Cubase crash everytime I accessed Logical Edit Presets Menu !
But restarting without my preferences and without plug-ins, it worked.
Thank you again,

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Hi @Johnny_Moneto,

thanks, very good point, especially since this does also work in Cubase Elements! (for all those who cannot use Pro)


However, after having changed that specific setting, one should keep in mind that there may be situations where:

  • Object Selection / Sizing Applies Time Stretch may need to be changed back to
  • Sizing Moves Contents.


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Hi @Gilles_Barges,

thanks for the Info, and you’re welcome!

Which exact Cubase Pro version are you currently using?
And did you already install (or update to) v12.0.70?

Since the Logical Editor should definitely not crash Cubase itself!
Did you perhaps already suspect (or even identify) a specific plug-in which might’ve been the reason for those program crashes?

Apart from that:
until the program crashes are resolved, you might want to use @Johnny_Moneto’s solution, which should work in any case (pls. see my screenshot).


my Cubase Pro version is 12.0.52, running on macOS Ventuta 13.6 on a M1 MacStudio, using Rosetta 2.
Quite all my plugins are Steinberg’s, only 2 are 3rd party :

  • CurveEQ by Voxengo (can’t remember installing that)
  • RipLink by Hit’n’Mix (installed with RipX app)
    As I said, restarting Cubase without plugins and without my preferences avoided to crash.
    Have a nice day,
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Hi Gilles / @Gilles_Barges,

yes, the Cubase Safe Mode Dialog does indeed offer meaningful workarounds.
But it’s still not normal for Cubase to crash by simply opening Logical Editor’s preset list.
If something like this happened on my PC, my next step would be to immediately update Cubase to its latest version - if I hadn’t already done so before. Please consider updating to v12.0.70 (reason: many smaller bug fixes). Also, running Cubase Pro 12 in Rosetta 2 can be changed to running it in native mode. Did you already try that?

Voxengo’s Curve EQ (the VST plug-in, first released in 2002) has been a legit bundled part of the Pro package since Cubase 7 (2012, in cooperation with Steinberg), and it has also been part of Nuendo for quite some time:

Voxengo Curve EQ Update


Best wishes,