Transport Bar Not Showing

Hey Guys, the transport bar doesn’t appear when i press the Transport bar button in the top right corner. However it shows up with the icon of Dorico as a separate window but it shows only a wide white rectangle. Is it a glitch or there’s a way around this?

We’ve had a few reports of problems like this with users on Windows, for example here:

And here:

Unfortunately as yet we don’t have any great insights into how to resolve this. You might find that the window works if you open it on your primary display rather than your secondary display. It could be that if you update your graphics card drivers, it will start to work. But, as I say, there are no guarantees.

Yes i have the exact thing in my thumbnail yes that’s it… Not sure how to resolve this but I think i can live without the transport bar in a notation software honestly. Just wondering why it didn’t show. Hope the team can figure out why this might be for my other fellow Dorico users. :pray:t2:

I made a screenshot which I’ll upload when I’m at my computer if it might help in anyway.