Transport Bar on Key (or any MIDI) editor?

Hi, not upgraded to C13 yet. I’ve seen there are several workflow improvements on Key editor though. Since a lot of activities can now be done without leaving the (“open in a new window”) key editor, I wonder if Steinberg also have implemented a dedicated Transport Bar in key editor itself.

I mean, the C12 Project Window has a Show Transport Bar Option:

Does C13 have a similar show Transport Bar in the (“open in a new window”) key editor
, like in this (very bad) mock up?


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No, the Transport Panel is not in the Key Editor in Cubase 13.

Thanks Martin, it was a very old FR of mine. Not sure why no one cares about it…


The Key Editor is my (almost) “the only” window for my work. I don’t need the Transport Panel (I need just Start and Stop, so I’m using the Spacerbar; all other navigation I do via mouse), but I understand the use case.

Please, add the optional feature-request tag, to your post.

ok added FR. Anyway, as I see it, transport panel is not just transport…

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see here:
Lower Zone Transport Bar in windowed editors - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


Yes of course, several posts of mine in there.