Transport controls missing rewind and forward buttons

What happen to the transport controls with 10.5. There is no rewind or forward buttons? There is just play record stop and activate cycle.

I am very confident, that just like in any other Cubase version, you can configure what controls are being shown. Try the manual…

The transport bar has a “fold out” feature.

Just after each section, notice those three little vertical dots. Click there and drag right. More is revealed as you keep going.

So in your case, click on the three dots after the “Record” button and drag right.

It’s easy for an experienced user to dismiss how frustrating things like this are for a new user. Cubase is particularly bad for having a ton of hidden functions rooted down in menus and the manual can talk about things without obviously mentioning where you can find them. I’m glad someone took their time to help with a solution.

Neither does the OP seem to be an inexperienced user, nor is that info hard to find in the manual, not even for an inexperienced user.

So why have a forum then? Why bother? I come here to learn about Cubase from a variety of perspectives. Other users questions are interesting to me as are the answers to those questions. The forum becomes a resource in itself. Being a grumpy old git and chanting RTFM! At every opportunity is not a valuable contribution.

I came from Cubase 9.5 and didn’t have this problem with the transport control. Thanks for clarifying how to expand the transport control. :smiley:

Does anyone like the way the transport control looked more in 9.5. The new one looks like a drawing of a transport control. The solid look of the older one looked better to me.

Yes - so many that there even is a lengthy thread about it already.
Easily found via the search function btw.

Well, you know how it goes. “Progress”, “keeping up with the times” and all that.

They probably thought that with this feature (pull and reveal) it would be easier to accommodate the full transport bar in just a single line, and a single screen. I will not judge if it is successful or not, but I think Cubase has been around for so long that in order to renew its client base without losing all the customers from way back would be to invest in modular design.

There is some taste of it in setting up track headers, what buttons they will show, how wide, how tall, etc. Or in tool menus. But in other things (as in this case) there are no options availabe, and when people have their habits changed they get upset.

Thanks man, it’s much easier for people like me to Google and get a quick answer from helpful people like yourself, than to look in the manual. I’m sure a lot of people are benefiting from your answer.