Tremolo playback

Hi folks,

somehow I have the impression that playback for tremolos isn’t working correctly (although I think it did in Dorico 1.x)…
What I expect is when I have two slashes (or one and a beam), I want to hear 16th notes, no matter what metrum or when a note starts or ends.
But what I have is the situation in example1.jpg: Most of the 16th tremolos here sound as 8th notes.
Interestingly, when I delete the 6/8 metrum and have everything in 4/4, the number of tremolo slashes changes and the same playback is now correct for the new notation (shown in example2.jpg) – which I think might be part of the problem.
(The same goes for three slashes, and triplets (tied into and out of) in compound meter cause other funny playback issues…)
Is there any chance I can have tremolo playback respect the number of slashes under any condition?

Thanks as always! :wink:

All the best, Daniel

Sorry for not responding to this thread more quickly. I agree that Dorico’s handling of tremolo subdivisions is currently too simplistic, and this is something that we will certainly address in future. We have a number of related tasks on our backlog.

Thanks Daniel! (Also sorry for not responding, I just failed to notice the notification… :unamused: )
I am looking forward to any updates regarding tremolos. :wink:

Has there been some improvement made?

In this case, the tied slashed eights play back with half of the intended speed, while the second time (dotted eighth) it plays back correctly. It is unmetered and I used force duration to achieve the ties.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-20 um 01.12.38.png

There haven’t been any recent changes in this area, no.