TRied to install the WL 8.0.2 Update and...

I get an error message saying that the installer cannot load “WLPlugin8” plug-in

I am redownloading the installer.

Any ideas?

This is a temporary file created by the installer. This message could mean it was not possible to write this file. Now, I ignore why. I guess you have enough space on C:\ ?


I have the same error (like I mentioned in the other thread), but there is enough free space on c:. The Wlplugin8.dll is created in a temp directory, but somehow cannot be accessed.


351 GB left…That should be enough? Yes?

I am running this on Windows XP Pro SP3. I had no problems when I installed WL8. Is this something to do with the update? Thanks in advance. I have to use Windows XP because their is no driver for Window 7 for my sound card.

I have to use Windows XP

Sorry, but WaveLab 8.0.2 is not compatible with Windows XP.

Looks like 8.01 was the last version that has been compiled with Windows XP targeting. I could not get the 8.02 Wavelab8.exe running under XP. Don’t know why this has been changed, but it is a pity…

Wasn’t it a RME digi96? It runs fine here with Wavelab (8.01, haven’t tried 8.02 yet) under Windows 7 32 bit with both MME and ASIO using the XP driver. Althouth Windows does not seem to recognize the card it even uses it for the system sounds.


What card are you running that has no Windows 7 driver?


What??? You’ve got to be kidding. Win XP users should not expect support on an unsupported system, but to make it completely not work at this point is ridiculous. Please make it so it can at least run. I have multiple copies of WL7 that could never be used because I was waiting for a mod to an unexpected change between WL6 and WL7, that was promised but never happened in WL7. Now the mod has been added in WL8, and midway through can’t use WL8 on my XP machines now. I have this on Win 7 and multiple Win XP and need to use the XP. What in 8.0.2 doesn’t work on XP that worked with XP in 8.0.1, because I’m sure I don’t need it.

Why do you “need” XP at all if you have Win7 up and running. I do not understand…


Multiple computers with multiple copies of Wavelab, each with their own specific needs and requirements. I need the XP computers to stay XP.

Well - looks like you will have to stay on WL7 on the XP machines then.


I have to stay on WL6 because the promised mod was never done in WL7, only in WL8. I have multiple useless copies of WL7, never used.

Steinberg, please fix this, or give us a workaround install procedure.

If 8.0.1 worked why cannot 8.0.2 do the same thing???

I am using a RME Digi96 sound card and it only has drivers for Windows XP and earlier. I am not going to go out and purchase an $800 sound card so I can run WL 8.0.2 when it was running fine under Windows XP PRO. Who makes these decisions YAMAHA or STEINBERG and surely their must be a workaround??? This is simply BS.

Also the way the update was handled was laughable - too many managers making too many decisions. Yes it is going up this week, no it is not, yes it is, no it is not. What kind of organization or lack there of makes these kinds of decisions. Why not just let PG do his thing and fire the rest of the management team. I think that would be the best for most users.

I have been with WL since version 1.6 and have been very loyal. This is NOT what I expect from Steinberg or Yamaha and I think it time they get their collective A$$ES together and get this software back to the position of being the best software for mastering!!!

Yes I am somewhat upset at this turn of events.

Steinberg and Yamaha are you listening to what the CONSUMERS have to say or do you already know it all.


Forgive me but you are a managing director at a pro mastering house that has been doing good business for 18 years - and buying a modern sound card is a problem? I have purchased three $800 cards in the last 10 years - and my modest little business has no problem with it. Clients have needs and I have a responsibility to keep up or someone else will.

Not trying to tell you how to run your business or spend your money but XP and a Digi96 is just asking for trouble long term. Microsoft stopped mainstream support on XP years ago and RME obviously said it’s peace to the Digi96 years ago - yet you expect PG/Steinberg to do the same?

I can totally understand supporting the two latest iterations of Windows (7 and 8) but not XP.

I do agree with this. PG should have either not allowed WL8 to even install against XP or should allow every v8 update (from 8.02 to the last one) to install without issues.


WaveLab 8’s requirement is Windows 7 or Windows 8, this is not something new.
This is described there:

WaveLab 8.0.2 uses updated tools to make it more optimized with Windows 7 and 8, and that is not compatible with the old Windows XP. Keeping compatibility “for ever” with an old OS, prevents using capabilities found only in new OS.
BTW, why no update of RME for Windows 7/8?

We don’t need any new capabilities. We won’t complain to Steinberg if something doesn’t work, or works incorrectly. I will consider any problems my own responsibility. Is there a workaround install?

Thomas, I have two of the same cards running flawlessly under Windows 7 32 bit with the XP drivers (ASIO and MME are working in WL). Please see my post above.


Ironically - this whole thread started because “something doesn’t work” on XP…so saying folks won’t come here looking for support is - well - not realistic.


But as said before, XP was not locked out of the initial installs. Now it is. So Steinberg should at least give us an install workaround for these initial bug fix releases like 8.0.2. Don’t care about the feature capabilities of the future, or 8.1 if there is one. Seems to me this has been done in the past history of Wavelab.