Trills with small note

I searched the forum in vain.
Can Dorico handle this trills notation with small notes?

I’m afraid not yet, but this is definitely something we plan to do.

Thank you very much Daniel for your quick answer.

I have found a way to do with grace notes without stem, parentheses in text and some reduction in notes spacing.

That looks good! Sorry it involves so many manual steps. I hope that we will (relatively) soon have a better way to achieve this.

If the small notes in parens are the “trill to” notes, these might be better notated as tremolos, not trills(?)

trill - An ornament that consists of rapid alternation between one tone and another tone either a step or a semitone away from the first tone.

You’re right, but the composer wanted it that way. Maybe I can talk to him about it. Moreover I wanted to see that this notation was possible with Dorico. I saw it. It’s possible.

I also use small notes in parentheses as an “trill to” notes.
In my opinion when composer wants to be more creative in the field of trills, the standard notation of tremolos is not enough.
What if I want to start trill with half tone ambitus, but gradually increse the ambitus by glissando? See the example:

Or I want to modulate a speed of tremolo gradualy? Now Dorico allows to modulate the speed of trills by changing shape of extendent line of trill. I could use it for tremolo as well, if I notate tremolo with small note in parentheses and trill sign.

And also there are cases, when composers needs more than one “trill to” note.

Yes, I see now. Context has a lot to do with it. Thanks for setting me straight!

Has this trill with small note in parentheses been implemented yet?

Welcome to the forum, Mark. Yes, they were implemented in late 2018 in Dorico 2.2. I even wrote an article about them for the late (and great) Robert Puff’s Of Note: Create ½, whole-tone, flat, natural & sharp trill lines in Dorico – OF NOTE

And documented in the Dorico manual here, for instance: Changing the appearance of trill intervals

Great, thanks!