Can you please fix Cubase so that it shows a triplet grid when working with audio, this has made life really difficult when it comes to warping audio

But here’s a useful tip, so long as you are working with audio directly in the Project window…
Create a MIDI track, directly above or below the audio track, crate a MIDI Part of the desired length on it, and open the In-Place Editor for that MIDI track. The In-Place Editor can have its grid set independently of the main project window, including triplets, so you can use the opened MIDI Part as a visual guide :wink:.

Thanks!, yeah I’ve been doing something similar, it’s a work around but we shouldn’t have to! You wouldn’t see this in Ableton!

Make it also to detect triplets when quantizing so you don’t have to pick between all triplets or no triplets.

I support this request. This has been unaddressed for far too long. See my post from November 8th 2012.

Kind regards