Trying to figure out which is best for me... update or full?

I’ve downloaded the full install as well as the update from 7.5 install.

I want to end up with a separate install of v8 and I want v7.5 and v8 to share as much as possible.

Will I end up at the exact same state if I use either installer or will one allow me to share more of the same data?

Do things like sound libraries and VSTs default to the same install folders?

For example; I see that most of the audio effect VSTs that came with Cubase were installed in a Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5\Vstplugins directory rather than the C:\Program Files\Vst Plugins folder that I use for all my third party stuff.

If I install v8 with the same plugins it seems as if I’ll either have redundant VSTplugins or the v8 will refer to a Cubase 7.5 directory.

I imagine there are lots of supporting files and data that I haven’t considered at all.

It seems like it’s going to get messy if/when I decide to remove v7.5.

Does anyone have any detailed ideas about managing this stuff in a best way?

I’ve downloaded the full installation as well. The installer noted the update would take just around 560 mb. It recognized all the content files to be installed already and performed only a few updates/new file additions to the content.

All VST3 plugins were recognized automatically. Anything that lived in the general VST plugins folder (not in the one that belongs to 7.5) were there too. I have some older VST2 plugins there and added that directory in Cubase 8, everything was complete then.

Uninstalling 7.5 shouldn’t delete the content and remain for 8. I think it’s not a good idea to uninstall 7.5 anyway. It will remain my trusted platform until I’m sure Pro 8 just works in depth.

Tried to copy the Cubase 8 pluginset to the 7.5 directory to enable the new gizmos in 7.5. Works, but there seems to be no chance to have the old vst3-pluginset in parallel. The old multiband compressor and deesser are replaced with the new ones, the strip deesser shows odd graphics. Not cool for compatibilty.

The full install would be the safer option, I believe. And I second what marQs is saying. Leave your 7.5 install alone, it does not interfere with the new installation, and early adopters like you might need to go back to 7.5 for certain projects.

Thank you for the good info!

Hello, Steve - looking for another thread I came across this one of yours.

Which full version are you recommending to someone who has 7.5 now? When I go to the Steinberg Shop section now, I see the update from 7.5 is $99, and the full version is $549. Figuring you’re not recommending that someone go with the latter option if they already have 7.5 … is there another version you were referring to?

Thanks -

I was just talking about the actual installer, not the kind of license. In either case I do think the install is the same, as there’s no such thing as an installer that updates someones 7.5 or whatever installation to 8.

OK, thanks.

Is there a page with step-by-step, “Here’s how to update your 7.5 to CP8”?

I went to the download page, and saw there was no CP8 to actually download, just this message, which I’m sure makes sense somehow:

Cubase Pro 8 - Complete Installation

No DVD drive available? Lost the purchased download installation files?

With Cubase Pro 8 registered in your MySteinberg account you can find all necessary files for a complete installation under “My products” -> “Downloads”.

So does one purchase, then find it in the MySteinberg account then register it, and then there are directions with the files?

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Huh? The update installer is fine - it just doesn’t include all that Halion SE content which was already installed via 7.5. My ‘upgrade’ install of 8 went off without a hitch. Why not save yourself some SSD read & writes, and go with the smaller pkg.

i upgraded from C7.5 to C8 with the full installer, no problem whatsoever, it only installed what i was needed.
now i have C.7 and C8 on win7.
(well i downloaded the full installer cuz the update from 7.5 to 8 link show 23 hours to download(at the release date) and the full installer which is 2 times and more in size was downloaded in 12 minutes :mrgreen: )

I don’t seem to have the option of the full installer - only the update one.

I would like to have both installed. I haven’t either 7.5 or 8 installed yet.

Any suggestions?

The download I used was 3.88GB. Is this what you’re referring to as the full vs update?

i don’t know. But I think I read a post that for someone it was 9.1 G.
So maybe. Quite a difference between 3.88 and 9.1.

If you buy the update, you get a link to the update file 3.8GB. If you go to mysteinberg and log, in there is also a link to the full installer 9.1GB. In either case you will end up with a working Cubase 7.5 and a separate working Cubase 8.0 on your drive. Stop worrying and buy buy buy :wink:

  1. So the mod’s comment to use the full installer would result in 2 sets of Hellion sonic SE (HSSE)on the hard drive, and maybe other duplications?

  2. Somebody said they were surprised when all the files wound up on their OS drive. Is there anything that gives you a choice as to where to install the different components?

Thx -

I’m pretty sure the update install and full install are not the same. The full is about 12 gigs when unzipped while the update is about 30% of that. While they do contain many of the same things I dont think you end up with two instances as I believe on windows at least there are common files shared between the versions.

Anyway I did the update and found that I ran in to many errors with missing ER files etc. Did a full install on a friends machine and no problem. I suspect that all paths are set correctly with the full install that the update must skip.

Thus I am now trying to run the full install on my machines but having issue where the start center looks for update and ask 32 or 64bit and but then does nothing.

I’ll figure it out I am sure, but ended up doing session last night in 7.5.

Some may be mad that the new release is buggy. Personally I prefer taking the risk that I will have a configuration that install will work with in order to get the new release early rather than waiting. Of course this means reverting to previous version if I have issues but at least I got something. If I were a new customer, I’d probably be upset though.

Thx, hikarateboy.

Can you also help with this question, please:

  1. Somebody said they were surprised when all the files wound up on their OS drive. Is there anything that gives you a choice as to where to install the different components?

I never saw an option to choose destination drive in the install. Personally I want cubase on my C which is a SSD so not a problem for me.

Most do want the app on their C, however I believe the reference here is to the additional sample libraries and such which many prefer to have on a separate drive. :wink:

Correct, I don’t want to have the additional sample libraries, and etc., on my C:/ drive.

Is there a way to direct them to my E:/ drive?

In my case I want my sample libraries on C as the added speed of the SSD is definitely a benefit.