Trying to get my pedal to start and stop

I am trying to get my pedal to start and stop. I have two sustain pedals. And I am having some difficulty. It seems they are both sending on channel 64. One is Midi 3A the other is Midi 4A. I am trying to have the pedal in sustain two start and stop. The pedal in sustain one, is the pedal that I want to be used only for sustaining notes.

Pedal 2 I want to be used for starting and stopping the transport. Please help

I am using an AKAI MPK 88


So I have used the Akai Vyzex to assign the sustain number 2 to a different control channel. It was on 64, which shares the same channel as sustain pedal number 1. So I switched the sustain pedal number 2 to channel number 127.

So that is part of the problem solved. However, I still cannot figure out how to get it to start and stop using the same pedal.

Seems crazy that this is such a difficult action. I am simply trying to get my sustain pedal 2 to act like the space bar.

Maybe Steinberg needs to add this feature? A start/stop function

AHAHAHAHAHA Breakthrough

I read this somewhere online

And I did the same thing with the Akai, you have to change foot pedal 2 to start and stop, on the AKAI :slight_smile:

Basically, you hit edit press down on the controller and then toggle right to find play/stop

you can also use it to play and record.

Choose what you want, then save the preset. And Booooom. Enjoy.