Trying to Get These Macros/Commands to Work

Hi all, I’m a windows Cubase 10 Pro user. I’ve been having trouble getting a couple of key commands to work. The first is “Open/Close File Brower”, which actually has a default hotkey attached to it. But when I press it nothing happens, I’m not sure if I’m using it wrong or if it’s a bug in Cubase 10. I was expecting it to toggle open/close the file browser on the right panel.

The second thing I’m having trouble with is macros that bring up any kind of confirmation window. For example I’d like to make a macro that adds an audio track and then presses enter or “add track”. As I understand it there is a function called “focus - confirm” that should allow me to do this, but even though the “add track” button is highlighted, ‘focus - confirm’ doesn’t press it. I also tried adding ‘focus - forward’ twice before ‘focus - confirm’ for good measure but still no results.

I feel like the functionality of a lot of my macro ideas depends on being able to automate the enter/confirm function on popup windows, so if anyone can help me get this working or understand it better it’d be much appreciated!


  1. Make sure, you are using the number 4 on the numeric-pad, not the 4 above your QWERTY keyboard.

  2. Unfortunately Macros are not flexible enough in Cubase. There are several discussions on this topic on the forum. Users are using some 3rd party software to control computer keyboard/mouse properly. Btw, to Add Track… You can use Add Audio, Add Audio Mono commands, which are predefined. You can also use Add Track > Use Track Preset. But then again to select the dedicated preset might be tricky (or impossible) by using only Cubase Macros.

Ah I see, thanks for the tips. I’ll have a hunt for the 3rd party macros and see if any of them fit my workflow.

This whole area varies between cumbersome & impossible. Those focus commands seem to sometimes work like they sound they should and other times not. Big limitation is not being able to use text in Macros. Also there aren’t really commands to shift the focus between windows (e.g. MixConsole to Project) yet the Macro needs the focus to be set a certain way to work.

I use Metagrid which does let you build Metagrid macros where you can use Cubase commands, Cubase macros, LE & PLE presets and text in any order.

That sounds like a sweet deal. Awesome, will check it out.

Search the forums, there are several threads about it.

I’ve spent several hours trying get this to work and think currently it is impossible because focus navigation is rudimentary at best, and it is never really even at its best.