Trying to record 4 tracks at once in SX

I am trying to record 4 drum trax at once in cubase sx. I am not sure how enable the record button for all 4 tracks. It is only allowing me to do 2 at a time. I tried to go into VST inputs to add more inputs, but when I hit vst inputs it just come up with the “In 1 and In 2” I cant see how you create other inputs to get th other trax I need to have 4 trax to record at once for my drums. Am I going about this all wrong?

I am using an AKAI EIE audio interface.

processor:amd E-300 apu
ram 4 gigs
windows 7 64 dit
Toshiba satellite c655d

I think you may find the EIEIO… no sorry, the EIE is capable of only two channels to the computer, the giveaway is the USB 1.1, 44.1KHz, 16 bit spec.

You would need to have the EIEIO… sorry, the EIE Pro for the four channel capability.

Split, I was able to record 4 channels to 4 seperate trax in Cubase LE 5.

Hmm… you must have then Pro version the as “Unlike the pro version, the Akai EIE is a two channel audio interface”

We are talking 4 tracks simultaneously?

Yes, 4 drum trax at the same time and it is not the pro version.

Well that’s odd because all the info I can find says this> (I’ve highlighted the important bit!)

Record and playback 16-bit, 2-channel audio via USB
•Plug-and-play operation, no driver installation required
•Four XLR-¼" combo jacks with phantom power and gain control
•Four nickel-plated ¼" outputs for two separate monitoring systems
•Two classic, high-quality VU level meters with switchable sources
•Three additional USB ports for connecting other devices through to a computer
•5 Pin DIN MIDI Interface
•Headphone output with switchable source and direct monitoring dial
•Table-top, solid construction with a great-looking, classic design

I have been having issues with all 4 tracks playing back simultaneously, maybe they are talking about 2 channel play back? I dont know, but I swear to gawd that I recorded 4 trax simultaneously at the same time. that is the reason I bought the thing to record drums, 2 overheads, bass and snare drums.
So, if we forgot about the audio interface for a second, can SX record 4 trax at the same time. Does SX have to recognize that the audio interface is cabable of sending out 4 trax? Or do I have to set up the device using the vst inputs? How would you set up to record 4 trax at the same time in SX?

Is the correct ASIO driver selected? Are you sure they’re Mono tracks?

NWP, I am going to have to check that out when I get home, but from what I recall I selected the ASIOall driver(for the EIE interface) and yes they SHOULD be mono trax.

If ASIO4All, make sure it’s selected and that it’s set up correctly.

I am going to have to check that when I get home.
In SX is there a vst input setup procedure to set up multiple trax, like LE 5:
specifically under the EIE & EIE Pro Input & Output Settings heading.

Before you select inputs, you have to select the correct ASIO driver in Device Setup. You said ASIOAll, so I’m confused whether you meant ASIO4All. You should always use the supplied driver for your device, ASIO4All is a generic 3rd party driver that should only be used as a last resort.

Yes, exaxtly, ASIO4All. I dont have it in front of me. I tried to apply the instruction for the LE 5 to SX, I know it will be a little different, but yes I think I selected the correct ASIO driver in Device Setup. The problem I really had in SX was in the section ‘EIE & EIE Pro Input & Output Settings’
There really isnt a “VST Connections” in SX, just “VST inputs” and “VST outputs” and it I cant figure how to add the vst inputs or if I even have to do that to get 4 drum trax at the same time.

You need to check the ASIO driver before we go further. According to that link, the device should have its own. If using A4All, you need to set up the inputs there first via it’s control panel.

I will do that and let you know how it goes. Thank y’all for your help!

That setup pertains to the EIE Pro, the EIE according to the home site uses either the generic driver or the ASIO4ALL driver (recommended) but it still says the non pro EIE is 2 channel in and out.

I have yet to see a USB 1.1 device that supports more that 2 channel in/out!

The EIE Pro is USB 2…

Split, so are you saying there is no way I can get 4 trax recorded at the same time using EIE (non pro)?


Well, I swear I was able to do it with cubase LE 5

You should know :confused: