Trying transcribe RH & LH of piano part separately - Split Point?


I’m trying to transcribe a piano solo and I like to input the staves separately with live midi recording. However, I can’t figure out how to do this.

Ultimately, I’d love to just record each staff separately, but I think that this is currently not possible, right? It just guesses and divides things between the two staves. I know that Dorico has a dynamic split point feature, but that is not very helpful for me in this case. This seems like it should be easy, but I have found no place to do it. Constantly moving notes between staves after the fact is very inefficient, even with shortcuts.

I hope that I don’t have to go back to my other notation software just for this. But, I do lots of transcribing and this could be a deal breaker. Please help!

Ok, so I did some experimenting and I figured out how to record into just one staff. I click on the chosen staff as if I’m going to manually input notes and then just use the shortcut to start recording midi. However, it seems that I have to do this ever time I record a phrase. Not, terrible, but slightly cumbersome.

So I guess this has turned into a feature request! :smile:

Please add an optional setting to record into one staff until the setting is changed, when recording midi into grand staves.


I think we absolutely must have a way to change the split point in piano music. Far too often imported midi or xml has terrible split points. Or when doing real-time midi input to both staves the split point is not ideal. It is a pain to have to move notes from one staff to the other.

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Try as I might I cannot find the split point setting in Preferences/Play/Recording.

See this thread from January, particularly Lillie’s post #6.

Thank you Mark for the helpful reply. However from a piano player’s point of view it is nice to see an indication of which hand plays which notes and I would have thought that this requires there to be a defined split point, n’est pas?

EXACTLY! It seems that a program that can do EVERYTHING should be able to allow user to decide what staff THEY want to use when entering piano/grand staff instruments. This is a ridiculous limitation that really needs to be addressed. It’s kind of a deal breaker.