Tuplet bug

Hi! I sometimes get a bug when trying to make triplets

I have:
Popover tuplet, “3” or “3:2” enter
and get this:

Insert-mode is not engaged.
Restart Dorico fixes sometimes.

win 11, Dorico Version

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Connected issue.
Selecting the first triplet selects the second

Isn’t the second example a quarter note (crotchet) triplet in disguise (i.e. one spanning the barline)? Those look like two, but are actually one object.

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This is not a bug. It is how Dorico converts a stream of notes into tuplets.

You have created a crotchet-based triplet that now crosses barline.

Ok, I don’t understand. Please see first picture. This is my basis for creating these triplets.

First picture shows how Dorico tuplefizes notes already written. If you’re not ok with the quarter note being tuplefied, select it and move it an eighth later with the rhythmic grid. That is there is to it. Your second example is a 3:2q tuplet spanned accross a barline.


It is worthwhile spending some time experimenting to see how Dorico transforms streams of notes: with and without Insert mode (and the various insert modes); changing meter mid-stream; inserting notes in just one voice of a multi-voice phrase; nesting tuplets; moving notes between different staves and voices; and, moving notes in time (left or right).

As the others have said, neither of these is a bug.

Please see this thread for the first problem, and this thread about the second.


Thanks! Ok, I’ll see if I get this sorted out then.

Ok, I managed to create a normal triplet.
Man… why has this to be so hard?

Dorico is extremely performant when talking about tuplets, nested tuplets, etc… To quote some philosopher from the XXth century, “great power comes with great responsability”, so you need to make sure you master the workflow for creating tuplets. Good news is it’s very logical and not so complicated :wink:


Ok, I’ll see if I get the hang of it.
My first impression is that Dorico in this regard breaks the first law of music: “Do no harm”

If you think Dorico breaks your “do no harm” rule, try skiing down a Black Diamond slope without any ski lessons. :smirk:


I understand, but keep informing yourself about this. In this case, it is you who have asked Dorico to “do harm,” and it has done exactly as you directed – “Please make the existing music into a triplet, using the first note as the basis for a 3:2 ratio.” If you want something different, you have to say what you want.

FWIW, I have always found triplets to be the most cumbersome, least intuitive aspect of Dorico, but I just live with it. Generally, if I am working with many triplets, I find I get fewer headaches if I simply copy in the rhythm patterns (regardless of notes) from earlier measures, and then go back and fix the notes using the “L” key.

Yes, that’ sort of what I’ve been doing myself.
Anyway, now that I understand how Dorico work, I’ll manage much better.

I find this not to be correct compared with other score-apps, and from an ideal perspective (as I see it). But, I do agree that Doricos way can be a powerful workflow if writing from left to right.

Making an 8th triplet is maybe not a black diamond. Handling complex tuplets, yes :slight_smile: