Tuplets problem

Hi, I’ve just successfully entered quaver quintuplets at the end of a bar. But, the next bar is marked with quintuplet rests. I just want it to look like an empty bar. I’ve tried deleting the bar, or the rests, or the quintuplet sign, but nothing gets rid of it. Any suggestions?
Here’s a screenshot:

I suspect what you actually have here is a crotchet (quarter-note) quintuplet, that has got split over the barline, rather than two quaver (eighth-note) quintuplets.

Yes, Dorico automatically puts tuplets over the barline, so in this case it looks right at first (if you don’t notice the following bar). A good clue that it’s all one tuplet is: if you try to select one of the 5’s, both get selected. To fix this, you can just delete the tuplet, select the first quaver, get the tuplet popover and type in 5:4e (for eighth notes).

Yes that’s it. I’ve fixed it now, thanks to both of you.