Tuplet tremolos no longer working

I am like 98% sure this used to work, although it doesn’t play back properly.

When you input the tremolo on the two tied dotted 8ths they lose the dots, making it impossible to enter proper notation.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 4.28.29 PM

There’s no change in Dorico 5 in this regard. All previous versions of Dorico behave in the same way.

Right at the moment I can’t quite come up with the incantation that you would need to be able to persuade Dorico to show dotted quarters in this situation.

Don’t you need two dotted quarters to start with instead of two dotted eights?


I think the main problem is just that you need to turn on “Force Duration” while entering the second dotted quaver otherwise (assuming this is 4/4) the note will be split up by a tie and then you won’t be able to turn on the tremolo.

no. it’s 6 notes in one 4/4. beat

The incantation you need to persuade Dorico to show dotted quarters is to put each dotted eighth in a 3:3x tuplet inside the 6:4x tuplet before applying the multi-note tremolo. Then hide the inner tuplet numbers and the outer tuplet bracket:

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Sorry, but I need dotted eights, not dotted quarters.

Then I am confused and don’t know exactly what you want. When you apply a multi-note tremolo to a pair of dotted eighth notes, they are supposed to become a pair of dotted quarter notes.

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Here’s some Bible by Gould:

I’ve done some more investigation here and there is a specific limitation in Dorico at present regarding two-note tremolos and dotted notes when the tremolo spans a tuplet. It isn’t new in Dorico 5, though - it’s always been the case.

From Gould, courtesy of @MarcLarcher : “Sometimes, in older scores, crotchet tremolos are joined by a quaver beam…”

If this is want you want, then put two dotted sixteenths in 3:6y tuplets inside a 6:4x tuplet before applying a one stroke multi-note tremolo. Then hide the inner tuplet numbers and the outer tuplet bracket:


See also this thread for another example.

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 6.24.19 AM

I honestly don’t care what Gould says, I need to match the score.

And @johnkprice has told you how to do it. You only need to do it once as you can copy the first instance (remember to include the tuplets) and paste as much as you need, then use Lock duration (L) to repitch them.

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I understand. But you can also understand why developers are reluctant on implementing a flawed version. Anyways, John has kindly explained the workaround to match your score, so all in all, it should be ok!