Turn Off Hold Red Light On ASIO Meter, Please

Thanks for the Update, installed it, and it works as expected, but one “VERY OCD issue” I am having is there is no way to turn off hold red light on ASIO meter, can someone please add an option that will turn off the red light, it’s really annoying. it should not stay on permanently, I have a very fast computer and it only goes on when I add a new VST or so, something like that.

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You can click on the red light to turn it off…

LOL I know that, but I don’t want to click on it all day… this should be an option in Cubase configuration. Why does the red light stay on indefinitely anyways? what is the reasoning behind that?

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I do not know.

“Roxanne, you don’t have to turn on the red light…”

Thanks for putting that song into my head…

It’s a warning sign that your system is reaching its limits. I don’t think that there is another reason than that. Maybe it could be more intelligent, like the red light turns off after a period of time, in which the performance has been stable. Other ideas?

Personally I would like the ASIO meter to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, during uninterrupted playback. I don’t care if my system dies while loading a project, activating it, while creating tracks or inserting plug-ins. Or while abusing stop/start. The ASIO meter could avoid informing me in these situations.

But that’s just me. Others may have better ideas.

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Psychologically speaking, indefinite red lights are not good for software sales, I literally have to hide the ASIO meter at times in the past.
So for example the music I create would never trigger a red light on my new i9, but you know what does, loading things, opening other programs switching patches in Kontakt… having said that, I would have a setting that either turns off red the light immediately, or after a custom defined number of seconds, or “indefinitely on” which I am 99.999999% sure no one will select, but for good measure lets say someone still wants that. Matthias , missed buffer transfers during playback are very audible, I say we put the red light to immediate off after going on as a default.

God will smile upon and bestow special blessing on the developer, who takes on this task :wink: and runs with it for the next build…

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I would like to keep the red warning lights for disc and CPU the way they currently are.
While editing I just ignore them but when I play through the song those lights will show me whether there was a problem or not.

Red light ON all the time, loses the point of having the red light, it’s not like a clip meter which will effect your final out come. it’s a system performance meter, I don’t want to reset the light manually because that takes away from the Zen state of mind of being in the zone and being creative. this should be a preference,… and yes, preference, can encompass, all needs, as mentioned above.

Actually the system performance lights are working the same way a clip meter light works: once the threshold is passed it is lit until manually reset. Same as the clip meter light I ignore it when being in the creative phase and manually reset it when I go to the mixing phase.
To make this behavior optional might be a satisfactory compromise but from a point of consistency the current behavior seems to be “correct”.

For Audio clipping that makes sense, as a clip can be recorded and can not be fixed easily later on, so the red light makes perfect sense m, I agree… now imagine a creative workflow, you are trying to come up with a musical motif, you are loading multiple VSTis changing patches on the fly, light keeps coming on? You here no glitch in the playback as the interrupt that cause the audio buffer timeout was irrelevant. Light is on, now you reset the light, you keep tweaking the sound editing the vstis and the light :bulb: keeps coming on? Are there any other DAWs that have the same behavior? VST meter is to track real-time performance aka audio buffer misses.
It should be every time there is audible event, red light comes on goes off, if it happens again you will know it’s consistent else I don’t see the point…
if lights stays on how would you know how many time buffer under run is happening… I think red light should go off after coming on so we know how many times buffer was missed… and one less thing to reset…

I hope this is making it’s way, into the next Cubase service build.

is this implemented yet?