Turn off that loop in the ruler?

Hi, is there anyway to turn this ridiculous feature off? Holy hell what a bad idea that was

Umm, you’re a little vague about exactly what you are referring to. I’m going to assume you mean playback that loops between the left & right locators, aka Cycle Mode. If it isn’t that please give more details. You can turn Cycle Mode on and off in the Transport, it looks like an oval with an arrow. There’s also a key command, but I’ve customized mine & don’t recall the default.

By the way, rather than being a “ridiculous feature” Cycle Mode is pretty darned useful as I’m sure you’ll discover as you become more proficient using Cubase.

The default key for cycle mode is the / key on the numpad.

Very useful I have it pretty much always On here. If you use it in combination with the P key to quickly set it to the part you are working on, and keypad 1 to go to start of loop, it will show its usefulness.

Unfortunately I don’t think there is. I share your view - not only is it a bad idea they also shrunk the area in which the mouse now has two functions.

But hey - it’s not as stupid as the ugly menu items coming in from all four corners of the arrangement window :open_mouth:

I couldn’t agree more. I use the ruler to locate constantly and with the giant cross thing I am always accidentally turning it on and off. A real work flow annoyance. Along with the stupid ChordPad pop up tab(s) down in the right corner and right side when using the zoom. PLEASE allow the user to turn this feature on/off in prefs.

The cursor changes to hand click once loop on, click again loop off……It even changes colour (set in the prefs) so you know if on or off.
If you don´t like this use a key command.
If you don´t like this use a button on your midi controller.
I really can´t see the problem it´s quick and easy.

I just don’t want it on the ruler at all. I use cycle all the time and have it set up as L in my key command. I however, think that if there is no option to turn this off when I click on the ruler, cause I’m constantly clicking it by accident when I am working fast, well it just gets in the way of my workflow.

As you can probably tell, I don´t have a problem with it but yes we all work different. The option to be able to turn it off would be a good compromise.

Can you please describe specifically what you want to turn off? I’m pretty sure that I think you are asking how to turn off ABC while you really want to turn off XYZ.

Me too. I hate it!!
And when some clients tried to point a location on the ruler, they always turn the cycle on…
We don’t need to press on the ruler to turn on/off the cycle.There’s a kc and a button on the transport bar… :neutral_face:

We want to be able to click to locate anywhere in the ruler area to locate the cursor without toggling LOOP by mistake.

Personally, I would also like it if it wasn’t possible to move both locators by dragging inside them on the ruler. IMHO the ruler is far too small to have more than one clickable function within it.


Oh I agree on that, I had to add an additional ruler track to avoid this happening to often.

Well, just to put the other side of the argument, I like the new implementation and features!! But I’m happy for a preference to be put in to change the operation. Also I use ‘locate when clicked in empty space’ which is so handy that I rarely need to click the ruler to locate.


Yes, it could be a preference…

That future is ridiculous. All it gives me is constant, accidental switching the loop ON/OFF.
Are transport button and shortcut not enough to switch the loop ON/OFF???

Please make it at least optional, or disable it completely.

Genius he is, who sees relationship between clicking on the ruler and switching ON/OFF cycle, and invented that feature. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever :laughing:

It’s the least intuitive feature I have ever seen in DAW.

I would +1 the option to turn this off. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally click CYCLE on while navigating on the ruler…Such a workflow buster. If I want CYCLE on, I’ll trigger it one of several other ways.

You can setup the left and right locators by clicking and dragging the upper part of the ruler. Switching cycle mode on by clicking between them absolutely does make sense.

Even if it makes sense for you, still the biggest problem is that many users switch cycle mode unintentionally because of that feature. It is definitely confusing and annoying.

You can set a preference to locate cursor to a click anywhere in the arrangement that doesn’t contain events or parts, then you don’t need to go anywhere near the ruler.

Preferences>Transport> Tick Box: “Locate when clicked in empty space”.