Disable switching ON/OFF loop when clicking on the ruler

Is it possible to disable or at least make that feature optional? It’s ridiculously unintuitive. I spent few hours on investigating why my cycle transport button is turned off from time to time. Currently, we can switch cycle on/off with pressing button or with key shortcut. These two ways are absolutely intuitive, but fact that cycle is switching on/off when we press on the ruler is absolutely non intuitive, illogical and irrational.

Also, here is discussion about that feature

Yeah, I found that “feature” odd and cryptic

Is it possible to disable or at least make that feature optional? It’s ridiculously unintuitive.

Oh, am I ever with you on this one. I can’t express how much I hate this unintuitive and confusing bit of double duty UI nonsense embedded into a single UI element.

+1 for a banishment to Preferences for this one. Or just gone forever. I’ll take either.

Or, (controversial) - stop needing to use the ruler to locate the transport/playhead (which is when this happens most for me)…? This is the root of all evil.

Studio One anyone.?

Good joke :laughing:

Solution for that evil is simple: this feature should be optional or removed.

I wonder if this feature was requested by users, or it is Steinberg’s invention.


Well, I was just relating how easy it all is in Studio One, when you don’t ever have to rely on clicking in the darn Ruler Bar for anything really… :slight_smile:

+1 for an option to turn this off.



Yet another thread about that ridiculous feature


+1 for a preference option.

Regards. :sunglasses:

While their at it, get rid of the zoom option on the play head.

Does anyone actually spend the time aiming for that line and trying to drag it with any accuracy?
Yet it’s easy somehow to accidentally do it by the ruler.

Just take all shortcuts off of the ruler, it is one of the clunkiest time wasters in the DAW. I spend a lot of time trying to move around in there and that little tag on the top left corner is just in the way - i can never get my left locator set. Whose idea was that?

Why? Just turn it off.


After all of this time, I never knew you could!