Two licenses prayer

Hi there :slight_smile: !

A lot of companys has realized that is a must for their users to have at least two licenses of the software, in order to use it in two computers of their own (desk and laptop).

Perhaps Steinberg will give us this some day, it would be very welcome :mrgreen: .


The USB-eLicenser already allows you to do that. Yeah, another one of these topics … :unamused:

Maybe you could have added to one of the 8,659,312 threads currently in progress?

Yes, if you remove it and plug it again and again between computers, something potentially harmful for the dongle’s health :neutral_face: .

What I really would appreciate is to have two independent licenses, something like I have with iLok based software: One license activated in the iLok itself, another one in the second computer (laptop).


I was under the impression that Steinberg are working on new copy protection, perhaps for v11, that will hopefully accommodate this sort of scenario.

Hopefully. Couldn’t come a second too soon.

Couldn’t agree more!

If Steinberg allowed two installs (desktop and laptop in my case) and no dongle, I would have already upgraded to Artist at a minimum, but otherwise Pro.

Cubase needs to move with the times, otherwise it may not even be around in 5 or 10 years as it will lose too much market share and be unable to get it back. That would be such a shame as it’s such a great product.

Posted a very similar post the other day, so I’m guessing there have been many, but if they know why customers aren’t spending more money with them, then hopefully it’s enough to help them change :wink:

Cubase - Being left behind by the competition for old ways

Fingers crossed for the next release… while I’m still a Cubase user and if I don’t get enticed by Live!