Two Questions: 1. Playback end offset and Play technique. 2. MIDI Pitch bend

Dear users and developers,

I have two questions about the attached two pictures:

  1. ‘Playback end offset’ does not correctly affect when the ‘Play technique’ is changed, as seen above in the picture. Is it intended?

  2. The MIDI pitch bend starts from zero with MIDI pitch number 62, and ends at -42, according to my old observation result (How does pitch bend work in 3.5? - #6 by prko), to smoothly perform the portamento of the score. The sudden jump to MIDI pitch bend is not good, but I have no other choice there because of the described thing in No. 1.
    If the ‘Playback end offset’ went to the end of the next note, I could set the velocity of the next note connected (MIDI pitch number 47) to the pitch-bend-starting one (MIDI pitch number 62) to zero, as seen in the following three pictures:

    Moreover, the portamento does not glide but goes down stepwise, so I could not hear it as a portamento.

How could I resolve these two problems?

I am attaching my project file:
test.dorico (805.3 KB)