Two VSTi's From One MIDI Track

You could do this in SX IIRC. Basically I want one midi track to to send to 2 or more vsti’s. I don’t want to have to copy and paste and end up with 2 midi tracks though.

Midi sends…

As long as you use the rack and not an instrument channel.

Thanks split, I’m using the rack but I only have Stereo and Left,Right on the sends, no option to send midi as in sx.

The midi channel extended mixer has 4 sends, when switched on you can select the destination of each send at the bottom of each send slot and midi channel, if you have two or more instruments in the rack you should be able to select them.

Page 354 operation manual.

In the extended mixer I can get the send option if I have certain effects selected eg apache, but with no effect the two rack instruments don’t appear.

The box below the fx selection is the output routing.

Got it. Thanks