Tying notes together at the end of repeated sections


Apologies for the rather basic question.

With reference to the attached image, how do I tie together notes immediately before the 1st time ending to notes at the start of the 2nd time ending? It does make playback sound odd if the notes aren’t correctly tied together.

Many thanks.


So far the only way is to use laissez vibrer ties and adjust the endpoints as needed. There is also a workaround to get correct playback.

This comes up very frequently on the forum. Let us know if you need help finding the many topics on it, and I can post links.

I tried various search strings already to no avail. What search string would you suggest I use?

Here’s a good one from last year.

Many thanks

Well now I know how to insert laissez vibrer ties. Manipulating them in Engrave Mode is certainly a tedious process, and they seem to bend the opposite way to the direction I move the mouse, which will take a bit of getting used to. I had hoped there was a simple fix to this, but it appears not. Having inserted the laissez vibrer ties my nusic now appears correct, but sadly does not play correctly. A bit annoying but not a train smash. Ultimately it’s the accuracy of the printed music that is important. Correct playback was only a nice to have while writing the music.

I found it easier to use the offsets in the Properties panel to move the two ends of the l.v. ties.

My recollection of how to adapt the playback was to extend the audio in the Key Editor to the total length of the held note (hoping it is the same in both endings) and then suppressing playback of the tied-to notes. Make sure the tied note and tied-to notes are in different voices.

This was some time ago, so I hope if I have missed any of the subtleties, someone with more recent experience can correct me.

repeatEndingSustains.dorico (503.7 KB)

Thanks Derek, will try that :+1: