Typing L and R locators and song position--really annoying

I think this is a bug.
When inputting song position:
Enter position at cursor _(in my case I have made that Num. )
Left Locator -L
Right locator -R

The highlighted area goes to the second number which is the beat and not the first number which is the bar.
This is incredibly disruptive to the work flow and flat out wrong.
Anyone else have this?
I know 13 imported my Cubase 12 key commands but the commands work the way you would expect in 12 but not the same way in 13.

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Thank you for confirming this. I was slightly reprimanded for not posting this as a “tag” whatever that means but at least I got one person who actually read the post. Thanks.

Funny thing is, these functions work correctly if you are in any of the editors but not in the arrange page.

I have the same, very annoying as I use it 100’s of times a day. Fastest workaround is hitting L or R twice.