UAD 64 bit

UAD user have just received a mail where Bill Putnam thanks all for their support and states that UAD plugs will be available in 64 bit within 2012.

Quote: “This 64-bit compatibility will come at no cost to our users. You have chosen to support us,
and we will support you as audio processing standards evolve.”

Not too early, but nevertheless very welcome, I’d say. UA provides a range of truly great tools.
64 bit support was one of my requests, as well, along with some innovative restauration tools, surround plugins
and Dolby encoder/decoder… We will see what the futur brings…

Big K

I felt strange when I got this message. 2012… no cost…

At least they didn’t say “this century” and they didn’t say we need new DSP cards for that.

Mh, 2012 is long… At least today I receved a Sonnox Newsletter, 64bit is there now. I don’t like the fact that I have to pay about 23 EUR for updating each plugin, well - they say “a little fee” - it is a little - but I own 6 Plugins. All purchased in old days were one plugin (Powercore) was about 700 EUR - now you can buy the full bundle native for little more than that. Ok, OT…

So - when UAD is 64bit - we just need Waves to be 64bit as well, or not? THEN it could be the time to go full 64bit - oh that will be great, I am still in 32bit because it is better to have the 300 32bit plugins NOT jbridged… But from time to time I heavily run out of RAM… .

Why don’t you use Jbridge?
Costs virtually nothing and it ports all your Waves plugins to 64bit.

Actually, when we switched to 64 bit, we were very surprised that most of the plugins were acutally working within Nuendo. (Altiverb, Speakerphone, SFX MAchine pro, etc …) We only needed to jBridge the Waves, done in 5 minutes.
And compatibility with 32 bit projects is not a problem at all. Open a 32 bit project in 64 bit and all Waves plugins laod absulutely fine, jbridged that is.


Of course I use jBridge!

But in my case I had not that good success - I used 64bit Gplayer running in seperated process (to be able to use bigger amounts of RAM with the 32bit host) as well as I used it on the EastWest Play instrument. It was little bit … mh… “not comfortable” - I was not able to use pulldown menues until I started the plugin in an extra process and extra GUI, which resulted in two GUIs per plugin and so on. It worked actually well - but I fear that when using about 100 Waves Plugins in a large project. Just way more complicated then just use the original plugin.

So Fredo, you say it is not that complicated at all?

jBridged Waves will load instead of the regular plugins?! I can not believe :slight_smile:

What’s with UAD? Do you use jBridge here as well?

And whats about the performance? It is fine when jbridging just 2 or 3 instruments - but will I suffer from that when using 100 jbridged plugins?

What I need to learn is how I have to organise/structure the 32bit / 64bit plugins… and software… so that nothing will mess up with the other…

Thanks, Fredo.


It wasn’t for me.

We needed to switch one of our movie projects to 64 bit, because we aren out of mem. due to truckload of automation.
We made the transition from 32 bit to 64bit in 2 hours.

jBridged Waves will load instead of the regular plugins?! I can not believe > :slight_smile: >

Yes, we only needed to Jbridge our Waves Mercury bundle and all was OK.

What’s with UAD? Do you use jBridge here as well?

No, apparently they get bridged by Nuendo 5. They just show up in 64 bit.

And whats about the performance?

If something needs to be said, I think the 64bit version is a tad faster.


Fredo, one day I might marry you :astonished:)

I am in session right now and I will write more later, but if you doesn’t mind too much:

We needed to switch one of our movie projects to 64 bit, because we aren out of mem. due to truckload of automation.
We made the transition from 32 bit to 64bit in 2 hours.

I am in a very similar situation right now with a 450 Track monster project - can you explain what you did to install / go the 64 bit components?

What about those zillion smaller plugins ins the 32bit plugin folder? Will Nuendo load them as well? How do you avoid a big mess regarding two versions of a plugin - 32bit, 64 bit and maybe 32bit jbridged versions?


Almost all 32bit plugins work fine in Nuendo 64bit. Exceptions are rare, and I’m yet to find anything that wouldn’t work with jBridge, at least in a separate GUI.

The ideal way of installation would be to have 4 folders for the VST2.x plugins:

  • 64bit (I recommend to use the default folder inside the Nuendo directory)
  • 32bit working (this contains plugins that VSTBridge can handle)
  • 32bit jBridge (this is the installation directory for non compatible plugins)
  • jBridge reference folder (as the name indicates, here are the references stored that jB creates)

With this setup, you can have 32bit and 64bit hosts running in parallel without any mess. If you don’t plan to do so, you could merge the first two folders, but then you should make sure that all installers allow to choose between 32bit and 64bit, and only install the latter.

Regarding UAD, I would recommend to use them with jBridge. Otherwise, the ASIO meter and CPU load under Nuendo will increase with every plugin that you load to run on the UAD card.

I’d say that two hours sounds slightly too fast, but even with a huge amount of plugins, it shouldn’t take longer than half a day. It has been very different one or two years ago, but things have greatly improved since then.

I have not yet noticed that UAD plux use up any significant CPU power when used w/o jBridge.
I run the rigs entirely without jBridge (being a Waves owner, but no user…) and the only thing that buggs me is that the Sonnox VST3 tools from WL7 can’t be run in Nuendo 64 bit, yet. At times, I have the feeling the PoCo plugs behave a little odd in 64/64, but that might be cured with a re-install… The new 64 bit Melodyne Editor 2.x seems to work very well.

Shifting to 64 bit is much smoother and easier, now, than it was a few months ago…
Big K

PS: would you mind if I showed my Santa Avatar fully naked??

Very interesting posts, mates!

I think time is near to go the 64bit route. I will have downtime after X-Mass which I would like to use partially for some check-out/upgrades etc, same procedure as every year :slight_smile:

Matthias, if you don’t mind I would give you a call next week because I do not get the whole thing at this point, but as it seems it is not that complicated.

A few additional questions I have:

  • it is safe to install the 64bit stuff on a running and working system? (Win7/64 - off course backuped)

  • Both parts - 32bit current and 64bit new - will be able to coexist without problems?

  • I would be able to use C5.5 32bit for recording (stable like hell!) and continue in N5.5 64bit later when it comes to VSTi and mixing? Because N5.5 is not usable for serious audio-recording work here, lanes are not usable and those event issues (GUI and on top stuff) - so I will use N5 or C5.5 till something changed.

I guess that older versions (C5.5/N5) are not that cool when going the 64bit route, or not?


I run both bit versions on all 64bit W7 PCs ( Nuendo 4, 5, 5.1, WL6, WL7 32 & 64 ). Recording and mixing has not presented any problems forth and back, as long as you have the 64bit and 32bit Plugins you use in the 64bit project on your machine.
I install, update, upgrade all softwares and plux all the time. Never had any problems ( hehehe…think back to the Win95 days…lol…) with any of them. Latest was UAD 6.1, Melodyne Editor 2.0 and some Virsyn & Brainworx plux . Mind you, it takes a little attention when it comes to VST2 and VST3 versions install which are stored on different places, but nothing that gives you head ache. Spectrasonics Atmosphere and Trilogy do not seem work on W7/64bit but have been replaced by Omnisphere and Trilian, anyway. Also video works w/o any flaws in both, here.

Big K

K, thanks! Yea, there is still some Win 95 and Win98SE experience sustaining in me, thats why I am carefully as hell… But you are right, on my current DAW which was installed 11 Months ago I installed, reinstalled, updated A LOT - incl going from MOTU to RME - absolutely no problem so far. But that 64bit stuff is new to me… And because of the fact that I fear incompatibles regarding plugin-uprades I try to avoid more drastic upgraded while having a couple of full mix in a very final stage…


I would not recommend that either. Not in the middle of some complex job.
It is calling for trouble, even if it works well in 90 % .
90% is by far not good enough nor safe…

I have some more questions…

So I am just downloading all the 64bit versions of the plugins I have as well as latest installers etc.

Is there something I have to take care about:

  • Powercore Plugins, incl VSS3 Verb etc - better jBridge or internal bridge?

  • UAD PLugins - currently - better jBridge or internal bridge?

  • Waves - jBridge as it seems

  • what about all those oldies but goodies? like blockfish/endorfin, all those old freeware vst2 plugins which I still use in almost every mix because there is nothing better on the market sometimes…? Internal bridge or jBridge?

I am somewhat lost in that “bridge” stuff…

Nice though that a lot of my plugs (Sonnox, Voxengo, PSP) are 64bit already, waiting for UAD and Waves…

Thanks a lot,

Generally speaking, the jBridge always works better than the internal bridge. The downsides are:

  • more work to install
  • confusing folder structure
  • waste of space due to the frame introduced by jBridge
  • no drag and drop from the plugins (VSTis that have MIDI files etc.)

AFAIK for Waves it is not possible to use VSTBridge, you MUST use jBridge.
For UAD, well… I tried both, and I can’t see a clear result. VSTBridge will sometimes cause serious trouble (sluggish GUI, crackles, extreme ASIO load) if you get >90% of UAD load. But it’s not always like that for unknown reason. With jBridge this seems to be better, but Nuendo has also poofed with high UAD load… so I dunno what to recommend.
PowerCore … no idea.

Thanks Matthias!

Well… mmmmh… I am still hesitating. I am sure everything will work in the end… But I fear the idea to have a system with issues and “well, sometimes it could” errors… and I do not know how solid a system performs with about 100 jbridged plugins and another 50 Nuendo-bridged plugins… I really hate these time of “between” - Everything cries for 64bit these days, projects getting bigger, applications eating up more ram… you have more ram. you have all 64bit… but why on earth such big companies like Waves are not even talking about 64bit yet…? And UAD - well, they said “2012”… But 2012 is long… Maybe I relax and wait till the other stuff is 64bit. Usually it should be ok to run a couple of oldies via bitbridge/jbridge - usually these are not more than 20 per mix… but in a mix where 90% of my plugins are Waves and UAD… well.


Do you really need 64-bits at this point?
Seriously, I have been looking to go 64-bit for a long time now but until all the things I sue are compatible I just do not see the point. I do not use large ROMplers, I do not write/compose so no need from my perspective.
There is certainly no sonic advantage to going 64-bit, just (right now) a shedload of hassle.

What about having both? On our W7 system I have 5.1.1 and 5.5 in both 32 and 64bit versions…
works just fine.

Neil is right. The reason why I’m kinda promoting 64bit is because I’m heavily depending on it for my passion (composing music with usually large orchestra being programmed). For this I need at least 12GByte, and some pieces did already max out at around 20GByte.

For the business (=mastering and sometimes (re-)mixing) I could well stay on 32bit. With no problems. No advantages are gained from 64bit. Some mixing jobs come close to what you, Brandy, report. Track counts around 120, two maxed out UADs, some drum replacement samples loaded, that is all no problem under 32bit and still works slightly more reliable AND without the configuration headache.

Regarding UAD and Waves I’m really upset. It reminds me of SlowFools when they tried to sell their non-floating point as a highlight. Time has proven they were wrong, and time will also show that UAD and Waves are wrong. I cannot tell how much programming effort it is to rewrite the code towards 64bit, but the disaster is that they continue releasing stuff in 32bit only since two years where it is somewhat obvious that all DAW will be 64bit soon.

That being said I wish you all a great new year 2012 :slight_smile:

YEs, will use both!

Well, usually I do not need - if there is large Sample instrument stuff I use jBridge to run them in a separated 64bit task.


I am dealing with a 80min 500 track project these days, even unmixed I am at 1,5GB RAM, I fear that I will get into troubles with higher plugin load and heavy automation. As well as I stepped over an issue in C6 recently - I had 8 track preprod-projects, just one song per project, almost no plugins - I was using timewarp and tempowarp stuff to stretch these tracks… to create a playback for the drummer. I had a couple of very hard crashes - till I realized that RAM was at 2,5GB after no time, it seems that C6 is handling those elasic-editing things via RAM - so almost no calculation time was involved and it sounded awesome, I was not able to detect serious phase issues with that multitrack project, at least in that preprod-context. I had to bounce parts of the song all the time to be able to finish that task. A 64bit app would solve this.

I can second that, Matthias - a 32bit host in 64bit win is usually well enough for a 120 track project - those maxed out dsps etc are usually only a CPU/DSP thing… In 90% of the situations I can stick with 32bit for a while.

And maybe I will do…

I will install C6 / N5.5 64bit soon - will install the 64bit versions of the plugins (keeping them all seperated) - so I can do some tests here. Maybe one day Waves and UAD are 64bit, then I can just move on.

Yea, Matthias, I can not understand Waves as well… They release shitloads of new stuff, the have 50% off promos all the time, they are industry-standard/leader - but NO 64bit… All other 32bit guys I know are all sticking at 32bit ATM because of waves. Some because of UAD as well, when thy have.