UAD plug-in names are not visible in MixConsole


can someone tell me a solution how to display UAD plug-in names properly in the MixConsole without making it wider?

Every plug-in name starts with UAD and all I see is start and end of the names…
“UAD Nev…09”
“UAD M…Mu”

This is unacceptable. Any solution for this?


Wider. no more options.

At the moment i believe the only option is to go to Cubase 8 and hold off 8.5. This problem has plagued me and is the reason I went back to 6.5.

You can hover over the plugin name and it usually pops up. Waste of time Imo. To have an overview of your mixer is a no go because you have to enlarge the mixer channels’ width so wide that your number of visible channels gets diminished. It also looks stupid.

Sorry to see… but this is so lame.

They call it “Intelligent Name Abbreviation”, also known as “Intg NAbt…on”

This should be handled by SB, as it is impossible to use plug-ins with longer names properly.


Here is one of several links that all request the same thing.

You are not alone with your wishes.