Cubase 8.5 - plugin names in mixer different than 8?!


I like to keep my mixer as narrow as possible so I can view the most tracks, and in Cubase 8 this wasn’t a problem as I could still read plugin names pretty well. For example, in the picture below you can see that I have a UAD Ep-34 delay on FX 16, VSL Hybrid reverb on FX 17, QL Spaces on FX 19, though bypassed, is very legible, and I can see I have a VSL Limiter on my master channel.

However in Cubase 8.5 the naming has changed for whatever reason, and now I cannot quickly see what plugins I’m using due to the truncation replacing actual letters with “…”! WHY?! Just look at the difference between these two screen captures!

I can no longer tell what UAD plugin is on FX 16, what VSL plugin is on 17, and QL Spaces now looks like QL S…es. What the heck is that?! And how is “VSL L…er” better than “VSL Limie” I was only missing 1 letter in “VSL Limiter” in Cubase 8, now thanks to the new 8.5 naming I’m missing 4! How’s that for progress?

Is there a way to revert back to the old naming system? If not, this might actually keep me from upgrading to Cubase 8.5 as its import to me to see at a glance what plugins are in my inserts. I really dont understand why Steinberg thought this change was necessary, or who approved it, as its doesn’t solve any problems from the old naming scheme, and actually makes it much harder to read!!

PLEASE let there be a way to revert back to the old naming system!!

p.s. Is it possible to get the inserts in the arrange page to look like Cubase 8 as well? (no weird power buttons and preset triangles above the insert name?)

I take it this is just the way it is. Steinberg, PLEASE give us control over this functionality. Its always nice to have options.

You are not alone. I agree. They had it good then changed it back.

BM-TSR often comments about this but to no avail.

Yes I do… I HATE that “Intelligent Name Abbreviation”… to the degree that I wouldn’t upgrade from 8.5.0…

But I had to when I met the “Lagging GUI thingy”.

PS. I have even contacted Sonnox with a question about a possibility to change their plugin names (.dll).
They answered that there are NO way to do it, because of the backward compatibility (which is fantastic btw). They don’t want to risk that very important thing to be broken.

If you use a “sensible” sized mixer channel all Sonnox plugins show something like: Son…ve (Sonnox WTF Native). Same goes for FabFilter, and some others (don’t remember them all).

I really hope they get rid of that “UNintelligent Name Abbreviation”, and at least don’t change this back and forth between minor updates (pisses me off).

The only way to resolve this issue is to give users the ability to rename plug-ins in the plug-in Manager.

Has this been made a feature request?

Yes it has! Thanks!

Oh yes it has :wink:


Has there been any movement on this naming problem? I just started with 8.5 and this is a show stopper for me. I came from 6.5

I’ve read some have reverted to version 8 over 8.5. If so, how is that working out for you?