UAD plugins with Cubase 13

I’ve been using UAD plugins (have UAD Solo card) since CB 7.5. I never had a problem until now. The plugins show up when selecting an fx. But after selecting one the image for it is a small rectangle that makes it impossible to select a preset or tweak anything.
Any ideas on how to fix this?


Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you use HiDPI screen? Are your UAD plug-ins up to date?

Windows 11, I have the latest drivers. Not sure about the other, what should the setting be?
Thanks Martin


What is your screen resolution, please?

1920 X 1800 is the resolution


This is not HiDPI. Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Hi Martin
See photo

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Oh… Isn’t this some kind of setup on the UAD side by any chance?

Hi Martin
This issue is with Cubase 13 only.
I would try uninstalling UAD, then re-installing but the plugins show up fine in the previous versions.
Any further suggestions?
Thanks for your time

hey chuck

UAD user on C13 here.

is this happening only on Realverb or other UAD-2 plugins too?

on which UAD-2 Software Version are you? current version? have you tried with the previous software version 10 as well?

does this also happen with native UADx plugins?

I’m also using UAD plugins with C13.

One thing that comes to my mind is UA porting their plugins to VST3 recently. They also did upgrade their GUIs considerably. Sadly resizing is only available on Mac, but anyway.

Do you run the latest UAD version (11.2)? I not, I would recommend you download and install that. Cubase then loads the VST3-versions automatically so it’s a seemless transfer.

The Windows Native versions are resizable. Which what I is using.

Native user on C13/Mac here. All of mine are fine, mainly using the API strip and comp in every project and lots of 1176/LA2A use. Those ones are rock solid at least.

Ditto, with Windows 10.

This issue is with all the plugins except the UADx LA2a that Steinberg gave us a voucher for.
Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I use the native ones either. Unfortunately I still need some that are not available native. E.g. the AMS RMX 16 and DMX 15 or the SSL G-Bus compressor.

That one is native (and VST3). Technically it has nothing to do with UAD (DSP-) plugins.

Your problem looks like you are running an older (VST 2-)version of the UAD plugins.

Make sure you are using 11.2 of the UAD software. That should give you the VST3 versions and the newer GUI. If your problem still persists, I would call UA-support. They have been helpful for me in the past.

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That did it! Thanks
One more question - how do you prevent UAD from showing every single plugin (seems like 100’s of them). I only own 7 of them and that’s all I want to see.
Thanks again

use the plugin manager in cubase, disable the ones you dont need

I’ve already done that, no change