Ultra Wide Monitor 3440x1440 with Cubase

For anyone considering an ultra wide display for Cubase, I’ve just bought one and cannot get over how much of an improvement this has made to my set up. This resolution is just incredible with Cubase on a 34in panel. Everything is pin sharp, and there’s no blockiness on waveforms, as you see in 4K or Retina displays. Cubase never looked so good!

Here’s Cubase in action:


What brand? How much? I want one too!

Hey Steve… looks ace…! Want. One. Please. Santa. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

How did you get the Mac keyboard to ‘float’ above the Yammy synth…? Or, my eyes tricking me…?

Very nice Steve,
The ultrawide monitors seem perfect for DAWs. The 34 inch is awesome but was a bit too expensive for me so I bought the LG 25 inch ultrawide. I use it as my primary screen and for editing waves/MIDI. It is nice to have the extra width and I find the aspect ratio is easier to view for some reason. There is a 29 inch ultrawide as well.


I bought an LG 34UC98. They’re expensive, but since I spend 10 hours+ looking at Cubase every day, it’s money well spent.

It’s just held in place with some Blu Tack!

:smiley: The stuff of champions…!

Currently using a 4k monitor…loooove the real estate and am considering an ultra wide for a secondary Mixing monitor. I was worried about the curved models and if the linear distortion would be a headache to work with…
Is it noticeable?


Looks great Steve.

I use a Hackintosh as well and have a 27 and a 30 in my setup, but would love a wider look at the project window like in that LG panel.

Any issues getting it to work with OS X?

The only issue I have with high-res monitors is that heaps of plugin manufacturers haven’t got resizable edit windows … so I spend a lot of time leaning forward every day to enter values and tweak knobs!

It was noticeable for the first day or so, but you get used to it very quickly and now it’s just a joy to work with.

No problems at at all, providing your GFX card supports the resolution. At 34in everything is perfect size-wise, though I do make some plug-ins larger where it’s available.

Looks great. One thing that bugged me when I used a larger monitor was the effort to move the cursor from one side of the screen to another isn’t trivial. How are you finding that? I think I’d also find it difficult not to have a screen dedicated to the MIxer at times?

I’m running a 28" 3840x2160, and it’s such a creativity boost to be able to simply put more on the screen at once, without zooming in and out and opening and closing windows all the time. At that size, you’re approaching the point of some elements being too small, but it’s still on the right side of that border.


Just increase your mouse acceleration. Not problem whatsoever

Hi Steve

Do you mind me asking I noticed a nice looking shortcuts app on the iPad in your picture. What app is that and whats going on there?



I simply bought two cheap 49" monitors and they are great. The resolution is fine for Cubase (IMO) and I have about six feet by 2ft of space. They were only about £220 each - love it.


It’s an app called Metgagrid. Early stages of development, but I can assign any Cubase command (or string of commands) to any button. Massive time saver.

Yes, I had similar, but it’s a huge distraction having the screen split with monitor edges. I was forever moving stuff around and zooming, etc. With this, everything is right there. And Cubase is far more responsive for me, presumable because I’m not driving 2 displays.

took the plunge myself and what a huge difference from dual screen to one…love it!