Unable to add a tie between voices

The online help is fairly straightforward when talking about Ties: “The two notes must be the same pitch but can be in different voices or on different staves belonging to the same instrument”

However in the example below, I am unable to tie the Eb down stem note to the Eb in the next measure.

Are you explicitly selecting both notes, not just selecting the first and pressing T?

I clicked on the first note and pressed T. Then I tried using the tie button. It didn’t tie. Oh, I also tried clicking on both notes and it didn’t work either.

Selecting both notes explicitly (ie clicking one then Ctrl/Cmd-clicking the other) then inputting the tie should work provided they are the same pitch and belong to the same instrument, as described on this page.

If that’s reliably not happening in a project, please do share it.

Also, maybe it’s just me but your images are coming up basically entirely white, I could only see black stave lines and notes for the 2nd picture when I expanded it.

I saw the image problem but you replied so quickly that I didn’t have time to swap out the images. Not sure what happened there. I’ll try and replace the images.

Apparently we have an intermittent bug. I did select both notes as described and then pressed T. Nothing happened. I went to some things in my DAW. Just now I loaded Dorico again and tried it and it worked. I know I’m not going senile, I really did click on both notes and press T. I don’t know. Sorry to bother everyone.

I doubt it. This feature has been reliable for many people for a long time.

Are you absolutely certain both pitches are/were E-flat? Try using “show accidental” to make sure.

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It could be that switching between apps and windows meant the key command wasn’t functioning, but the toolbox button would have. If you encounter it again, share the project and reproduction steps for someone to investigate.