Unable to complete transaction for upgrade

Why do I always get the statement quoted below, followed by a subsequent error message :ugeek: when trying to upgrade to Cubase 6 ??

You must be verified as an educational customer if you want to buy this product


I am in Canada

I find it worrisome that the admins here are not interested in answering a querry about BUYING their product?


Well, maybe they have not answered because they are in Germany, where it’s 1 AM on a Friday night.

But I have an educational version and I remember reading somewhere, back when I bought it, that they might at some point in the future ask fro proof of my educational credentials. Is it possible that that’s what they want?

I suppose the thing to do would be to verify with Yamaha/Steinberg CA…

They don’t have student ID’s in Canada?

Directions are at the top of the page. (Hint: you have to send them an e-mail)

There is already a thread started for this issue:

This is steinberg.net , having 30 duplicate threads in a row is status quo. The “read” option must be turned off in most people forum settings.

I’m Not a student, I am simply trying to get the upgrade
And followed the correct choices and get that anyway


You have to purchase within Canada from a retailer. Steinberg does not ship from the US.