Unable to load plugins in Dorico 5

Would someone please help with finding a solution to stop Dorico freezing and crashing my iMac when I attempt to load a plugin. The crash logs show a Kernel Panic crash with reference to the Graphics driver iomfb_driver(10) and a message which refers to a “async swap request landing on unsupported platform force panic” (whatever that means). This issue has resulted with not being able to use Dorico because there is no instruments plugin to emit sound.

Hi @John_Hoddy ,
are you on Sonoma 14.4?

This kernel panic issue has been already been brought up in several threads, e.g. here. Since the operating system is going down, there is nothing we at Steinberg can do about, we have to wait for bugfix version of the OS from Apple.

Hi Ulf , Thanks for the quick response. Yes I am. So I guess no option but to wait. Maybe you can help me with another issue. I seem to have a recurring problem after opening cubase files, and not every time, there are sound issues and having to delete a track because the plugin seems to disconnect from that track without any provocation. I have to delete the entire track and redo everything. Also continuing issues with connecting the mic. At this point I have given up trying. I have an IMac and the security settings are set for the mic plus settings within audio setup and connections are all set. The mic will connect to the iMac but Cubase no. Essentially, I do not trust Cubase anymore. Steinberg products seem to be wrought with issues and bugs.Thanks.