Unable to modify shortcut for repitching by octave

I have the same issue. Mac OS in American English. I set Command + arrow up/down for octave up/down in Dorico. Doesn’t work at all. No Mac keyboard shortcuts use this (checked in system preferences). Any other ideas? Desperate to move up and down in octaves like Sibelius…

It’s probably a default setting in Dorico, but in Dorico 4 Pro on my Mac, Command + arrow up/down has the effect of moving from a selected note/rest on a system to a note/rest at the same rhythmic position on the top/bottom staff of that system. These can be found in Preferences > Key Commands > Note Input, and are called “Move Up to Top of System” and “Move Down to Bottom of System”. If you are trying to assign your preferred keyboard shortcuts for octave up/down to those keypresses, you will probably be shown a warning that they are already in use.

In MacOS, Command + arrow up/down is a keyboard shortcut for moving up/down a folder level. For example, if you are in a folder and press Command + up arrow it will open the parent folder. This shortcut is not listed in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, but can be found in Finder > Go > Enclosing Folder.

Welcome to the forum, Jacob. Just to clarify: are you trying to set the shortcut in the Key Commands page of Preferences within Dorico itself, or are you trying to set the shortcut in System Settings (née System Preferences) in macOS?

To modify Dorico’s key commands, you need to do it directly in Dorico, not in System Settings.

Assuming you are using Dorico’s Key Commands page, then you need to both change the shortcuts for Note Editing > Lower Pitch by Octave and Raise Pitch by Octave and remove the conflicting shortcuts for Selection and Navigation > Navigate Down Next Stave and Navigate Up Next Stave.