Unable to Open Project and Crash on Saving


When I try to open the project, Dorico won’t open it, displaying an error message that says: “no such file or directory C:/Users/…/AppData/Local/Temp/Dorico/ocfsessions/session-44de/…/score.dtn”

Moreover, I try to save the project, Dorico crash on saving…

Any ideas?
Windows10 x64

If you are trying to open the file from the Existing Projects list, try opening it as if it were not on the list.

Hello Derrek,
Thanks for replying.

I tried to open the file from the Existing Projects list, but I couldn’t open it and displaying a same error message…

Where is your file located on your computer?
It seems odd that the program is looking for it in a Temp folder. My default Dorico projects folder is on my desktop.
Have you tried locating the file and then double-clicking it rather than opening it from within Dorico?

If you can open it. Use Save As and take particular note where the program is being saved (and perhaps choose a different folder).

It is normal that the file gets opened from the temporary directory, because the Dorico file format is actually a zip file and it gets unzipped to a temporary directory first and then Dorico reads it from there.

Can you zip and attach the Dorico project here? Or if you don’t want to make it public then send me a Private Message.

Thank you, Paul. I am surprised but glad to know more about how Dorico works.

Dear Paul,
I started a topic where it turns out that I have the same problem as in this topic. Were you ever able to solve it? Could I send my arr to you, or do you think there’s no chance?
thanks for your answer in advance