Worrying error message

Dear people,
can anyone explain to me why i am getting this message?
I made this arrangement in February 2021, now I want to adapt/extend it for extra instruments, but I can’t open it anymore!! Please HELP!
worrying error message

Do you have a backup file or files?

yes but i get the same problem

Hi there

That’s looks like a hidden folder that users normally can’t save files to. And the filename doesn’t have the .dorico extension that I would expect to see.

I would use a Finder search using name of the file you’re looking for, and see what turns up.

Hope that helps

the extension is .dorico and it’s in the folder where all my arrangements are. I’ve also searched around with finder, but haven’t found anything else. I’m starting to get a little worried that I won’t be able to open it anymore and that my other work will also become a problem. Anyone have a solution?

I found another thread related cg to the same problem: Unable to Open Project and Crash on Saving

Have you rebooted?

What is the filepath to the project file?

thanks, but what’s written here doesn’t solve the problem, maybe I should send my file to “PaulWalmsley”?..

All my work and files are stored on my synology NAS. Because I work a lot on the road and at home I have everything online in a cloud. I only have programs on my mac. This has been working perfectly for 10 years, only now I’m getting this problem with “one” file, but it’s painful right away :slight_smile:

Yes i restarted it

If it’s just one file, then the file itself seems to have got a bit confused, rather than it being a symptom of some greater malaise.

Can you import its flows into a new document? But, yes: send the file to Paul, who may be able to work some magic.

can someone help please?

Have you tried dragging the file off your NAS onto your desktop and opening that copy?

yes i did, i also tried to give it another name

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a problem with this file. If you are experiencing this problem then it means that the Dorico project file has been corrupted. The Dorico file is a zip file, so one thing you can do is take a copy of your project and rename it as .dorico.zip and then try extracting it. If that gives an error then unfortunately the zip file may be unreadable.
I have come across one user’s file recently who had a similar problem. That file couldn’t be read by standard Zip tools, but I found that 7zip was able to fix it (which suggests that the contents of the file were ok, it was just the index that was correct). So try opening/repairing the file with zip tools. I can take a look at it if you don’t have any success.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your response, I just sent you a PM, I hope I managed to send it.