Unable to play WAV file after audio mixdown and export

Running Cubase 13 Pro
Sonoma 14.1

What’s your Cubase question? Your graphic shows a Finder window.

This is the WAV file that is exported from cubase. It does not play and is unrecognized by the system OS. Normally I would be able to play the WAV file natively within the OS.

Show the waveform, please.

Here is the track I am exporting. I noticed this happening after upgrading to Sonoma fyi.

The waveform of the exported file, of course, not the display of the track.

Make sure you’re updated to the latest Sonoma, 14.1 I think. Please search the forum for that info.

I think I figured it out. It looks like Quicktime codec is my issue that is why the file is not playing back. There are numerous reports of issues with Quicktime on Sonoma. I installed VLC player and can now play the files, thanks.