Unable to play WAV file after audio mixdown and export

Running Cubase 13 Pro
Sonoma 14.1

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What’s your Cubase question? Your graphic shows a Finder window.

This is the WAV file that is exported from cubase. It does not play and is unrecognized by the system OS. Normally I would be able to play the WAV file natively within the OS.

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Show the waveform, please.

Here is the track I am exporting. I noticed this happening after upgrading to Sonoma fyi.

The waveform of the exported file, of course, not the display of the track.

Make sure you’re updated to the latest Sonoma, 14.1 I think. Please search the forum for that info.

I think I figured it out. It looks like Quicktime codec is my issue that is why the file is not playing back. There are numerous reports of issues with Quicktime on Sonoma. I installed VLC player and can now play the files, thanks.

I have the same problem: I’m on a Mac Studio M2 Max, running Sonoma 14.1.1 with Cubase 13 pro (13.0.10 Build 123 (Rosetta 2).
I can play the wave file with VLC player but there is an audible drop out/glitch at a certain point in the track (approx 3min 10sec from the start). If I export a portion of the track (from 3 min to the end), it plays fine on Apple Music and in VLC. It seems to me, there’s some kind of glitch when the exported file reaches a certain size, causing a drop out or file compatibility issue.
I get no CPU spikes or any indication of a problem. I export to Wave 16bit 44.1 KHz in real time and hear no drop out whilst doing it.
I’m using various Ozone 11 plug-ins including mastering, plus a few Universal Audio plug-ins run on an Apollo x8. (All fully licensed - no time restricted demo or anything like that)
The fact that it exports a shorter clip of the track absolutely fine seems to indicate a problem with file size, especially as the drop out occurs in the same place every time when I export the whole track.
Update: I’ve just tried playing another mix down of another track that won’t play on Apple Music, had to play it on VLC player - it glitches at 3min 10sec too.
How do I report this as a bug?

I’m having the same issue, running Cubase 13.0.20 Build 148 and Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1. Only VLC seems to be able to play the files.

I’m having the same issue on my MacBook Pro running Cubase Artist 13. I render an audio mixdown and my computer does not recognize the wave file as a complete file. If I open it in Adobe Audition it has a small chunk taken out of the track near the end. Audition says the file is either incomplete or was disrupted during the rendering process. How do I fix this snafu?

Having the same issue and unable to export a fully recorded song out of Cubase in anyway… what a terrible and work breaking bug!

Same problem here!!!
So what are you doing Cubase???
Fix it quickly!!!

Same problem here. Been trying to trouble shoot this for months. No luck.

edit: there are some other topics on the forum addressing this, either with issues playing a .wav or .aiff file or have audio dropouts. the solution seems to be to save the export to a drive that is not formatted to “exfat” but rather mac os. That has worked for me. My cubase projects and mixdown folders were on an exfat drive and that seemed to be the problem. good luck!


Same problem for me, I will try this! Thanks for the tip

How did it work for you? Its working for me now. So i think I will need to backup my cubase project SSD (where I send my exports), reformat to Mac OS Journaled and then copy it back over. Then I wont need to save to the desktop each time.
Good luck!

This is a serious issue with Cubase 13. I spent a week trying to find out why muti exports to 48-24 Wav files 1) don’t play after export unless you Reimport them back into a Cubase project and 2) Why Cuebase was adding a drop out near the end of all of the exported tracks. Some of which were exports of midi plugins, others were audio files. The dropout appeared in the same place across ALL tracks regardless. Finally I exported to 48-16 and had to upsample to deliver assets. Cubase 13 has been out for awhile… Steinberg.

Well… after my ADHD calmed down a bit I did heed the info in this thread regarding formatted external drives. It appears this might be the issue. Rookie mistake that I somehow ignored. Mac guys got to be formatted for Mac and not exFAT. oy

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It’s the same on Nuendo, which is an absolute nightmare when working on longer projects. I did several bounces which obviously take much longer on feature length, then fixed the playback error by renaming the file and thought I was good but then QC detected that 3 Frame dropout I missed (83min length) and here I go again. Please solve this!!

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similar issue
I’ll render a mix and oddly it will not play just by opening it in the finder window. More oddly, if I import the file into a Cubase session, the SAME file I imported will then be able to be read by the computer.

I have even sent a mix down to have someone overdub and they were unable to make it work until I imported it into a session, then sent the same file back to them , now working.

I should clarify too that I’m not re-rendering. The same file in the same folder I import back into Cubase will suddenly work normally.

Very odd.

aren’t you all a little suspicious this isn’t an osx issue rather than a cubase issue?