Unable to Select Patches After Changing Channel of External Instrument Track

This one is easily repeatable.

  1. Create an instrument track with an External Instrument output routing.
    You can select patch names from the Program Selector drop-down list below the Channel selection.

  2. Change the output channel to any other number, the patch name list now won’t respond. You’ll see the 2 little up/down arrows flash for a moment.

  3. Change the output channel to “Any” and then change it back again to the channel number. Now the Program Selector list appears with the patch names.


I’m sorry, I cannot reproduce it here. It works as expected.

I’m using XG Device for the testing.

I can repeat this every time and on new projects as well.
I will record a short video to demonstrate.

Another way I found this morning to get the program list to unlock is to select another track and then come back to this track again. This is slightly less cumbersome than changing the channel to ‘Any’ and back again.


I think, I know, what you mean. You cannot select the Patch from the list, but you have to set the Program Change and the Bank. Is that it? If, yes, this is by design. Every Channel can have different programs predefined. For example for the XG Device, Channel 10 is using XG Drumkits, but other channels are using XG Voices.

It has been like this since ever.

I will record a short video to demonstrate.
See here:


OK, got it. I can reproduce it, now.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Hopefuly the video I just attached will clarify it is a bug.

Every Channel can have different programs predefined.

Well that depends on the Identical Channels./Individual Channels selections of the MIDI device definition. However I’m still trying to get my head around what happens with devices installed from TXT files versus “Define New…”. In the latter case, you get the chance to specifiy this channel allocation, whereas with predefined TXT scripts, this box is unavailable, so I don’t get how you specify these settings for those devices.


Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update, which includes the fix, has been released. Please, download and install the update.