Unable to upgrade to Dorico Elements 4 / Grace period

I am trying to upgrade to Dorico Elements 4 during the grace period. I bought Dorico 3.5 in December 2021. Today I applied for an upgrade through a link I found in the forum. I received an email with the access code to Dorico 4. However, when I go through the activation process, I get stuck as I am not able to select an upgradable license, see the picture below:

Thank you for help!

It seems that the Dorico 3.5 is not on this computer?

It is and I am using it.

I cannot find any purchase for Dorico Elements 4 under this email address of yours. Have you used a different one? Could you send a private message with the order number, the Download Access Code you received and the dialog you see after the activation code is entered in the eLicenser Control Center?

I have exactly the same problem. Can you help me please?

@Ed_Doll In case you’re about to take this, @Cytestake also contacted me directly so I’m in the process of helping him get up and running.

I have exactly the same problem. How can I solve it? Is there a russian speaking support?

If you need Russian language support you’ll need to contact our colleagues at Yamaha in Russia, I believe, Vladimir, but it looks like your English is pretty good, so I expect we can help you. Please send me a private message including a screenshot of the eLicenser Control Center window on your computer, and I should be able to assist.

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Hi all,

I hope this is an appropriate thread to share my situation…very similar circumstances. John B has been very helpful via email but I have reached two loops I’m stuck in.

Loop One involves Steinberg support. The Steinberg website indicates I need to access support locally so I follow the links to Yamaha Australia where I must click on “register for Steinberg support”…which returns me to the Steinberg website where I am already registered (& so on).

Loop Two is for the Dorico 4 install. I have received my email with a grace period activation code then downloaded v4. I have then run through the instructions for upgrading my license;

eLicenserCC tells me I have Dorico Pro 3.5 Edu (not upgradable);

Steinberg activation manager tells me I have Dorico Pro 4 (verification pending)

I’ve followed the instructions here: helpcenter>steinberg>articles/4412560691986?>Steinberg Licensing “Verification Pending”

The solution presented has not given me any progress, so I select “Submit a ticket” and I am returned to Loop One (the one involving Yamaha Australia).

Can you try the following:

  • log out of Steinberg Activation Manager
  • quit SAM and Dorico 4
  • waiting 10 seconds (to allow background processes to shut down)
  • restart SAM
  • sign in again

This sometimes helps as there are situations where SAM can show “stale” data in its list of licenses.

Ed Doll advised me to go to the eLicenser Control Center and click on the the “Maintenance” button. And then proceed with the activation (enter the Activation code). It helped me to solved the problem.

Yes, I’ve tried that several times. It was the option in the article I found but makes no change I’m afraid.

No dice on the maintenance option either, sadly

There needs to be a Sticky-post to point out that seeing the 3.5 (not upgradable) indication in the licenser is a good sign and then to move upgrade efforts to the SAM.

The “not upgradable” is clearly confusing a lot of people.