Undo for plugins broken in C13

I’m not sure if this is an issue. I just know I’ve never used a DAW that doesn’t have the ability to undo every change made within the program weather that vst or internal. Is it really true this is not the case with Cubey? I’ve tried option Z, Command Z…This can’t really be true in 2023?

These guys managed to get around to it, yet Cubase had how many years head start and still is…?


All vst effect plugins can undo in the Mixer of Cubase Pro 11 or the newer Version.

Some plugins can undo by the button in plugin userface. But I am not sure if this is something DAW wouldn’t support

Fabfilter undo

Maybe some vst instruments plugins can undo in the userface? I am not sure, and I haven’t found it yet.

I hope this information can help you.

No need to get crazy. Cubase has separate undo history for mixer and plugins and the corresponding key command is Alt/Opt-Z.

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No it seems I’m not crazy. If you saw I’m already extremely familiar with the history and individual mixer undo’s. I’m just used to, Ableton, Bitwig, Fl, Logic, Studio One…(basically every other DAW in existence lol) where you have you undo access to every parameter ever changed.
Command Z works with Omnisphere.
Nothing works with current from minimal audio or most of my 3rd party.

It’s not something that will make me stop using. It just means ultimately over time don’t get to be as creative as I have to pay attention to every single knob change. If I move something there is no return.
I’m not used to this. Nor is anyone else.

I was trying to figure out why for the life of me why cubase isn’t wayyyy bigger than it is. But with things like this that are just expected out of the box. I can see why switching would be extremely hard. It was a much bigger learning curve for me than any of the others.

Unfortunately something like this will be a dealbreaker for some.

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The feature exists in Cubase. There is really no need to make such a drama out of it.
Maybe it is just not working on your installation. Kindly make a screenshot of the History in the MixConsole after changing a parameter so that we can see what is going on.

All my 3rd party plugins actually work with mixer undo in Cubase 12.0.70: iZotope, Native Instruments, Blue Cat Audio, MeldaProduction, IK Multimedia, ToneBoosters, Voxengo…

So, either there is some regression in Cubase 13 in this regard (I have not tested it yet), or the problem is with your particular plugins and not Cubase. Are you using their latest VST3 versions?

Lucky, not even retrologue or pad shop. Cubases own instruments work with undo for me in 13 :expressionless:

Will do

As can be seen here in the first photo after loading >

After changes>

I have changed multiple knobs all ads at full. Not a single recognised perimeter change

The first picture is fine because creating a new instrument track goes to “standard” project history, not the mixer history. However, the second picture does show a certain problem.

Yes, according to your observation, there seems to be an issue with Cubase 13.0.10 or your particular installation. Please, create a new bug report according to these instructions:

How to format a bug report - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

If this would be a big problem for you, you can use Cubase 12.0.70 for now.

Thank god! Thanks for clarifying that. I was losing my mind. I swear Cubase released 13 in Alpha :rofl:


That is not built into padshop or retrologue unfortunately

Instrument’s undo function is the responsibility of the plugin, not the host.

Some of them work as stand-alone instruments without a host, so if the developer wants an undo function, it needs to get implemented in the plugin.

So your telling me Steinberg the creator of Cubase didn’t even bother to put an undo feature in padshop or retrologue…Wow. Speechless lol

This is nonsense. A plugin can have its own undo histroy but so can the host. And in Cubase that is a feature.
Please inform yourself before posting such things.

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It looks like I have officially found a bug

We would need somebody to reproduce this on their Cubase/Nuendo 13 install.
I don’t have Cubase 13, so I can’t help with that.

Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it. Need this feature working stat.
@Martin.Jirsak can you replicate this? pls*

Then it’s broken in C13!