Undo for plugins broken in C13

I must have misunderstood, I thought the “bug” was just that VSTi changes appeared in the mix console history view (and they weren’t supposed to)… NOT that you couldn’t undo VSTi changes at all.

I mean, aren’t there any professional sound designers that use Cubase to make various VSTi patches on synths? Is the ability to undo not important to these individuals? Virtually every other DAW lets me undo VSTi changes in the same Ctrl+Z “stack”.

Yes it is lol. And it’s available in every single other DAW. What a joke :laughing:

It’s really unfortunate and doesn’t inspire long-term confidence in the use of the software. What if there’s a “feature” I’m currently using frequently that’s going to be “removed” in a future update? :confused:

Thats right. There are 2 separate Undo Stacks.

There used to be 3 separate Undo Stacks, but unfortunately Local Undo was removed back around C9. The reason for removal was a stability issue.

A VSTi undo definitely needs to happen as well. Would anyone really argue that? However VSTi undo or as Martin would say “the bug” was removed for good reason(s).

So now, IMO there should be feature requests for both Local Undo and VSTi undo.

VSTi and VSTfx I would say.

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LOL yeah sure thing… You’ve been a Cubase user for what six months and now you’ve got all the industry insider info from high on up?

Made a feature request at the start of the year. I would say this is the best place to demand change lol

Lol no. I’m an official Ableton teacher at liveschool who has used live for 10 years. Who switched to using Cubase as their main 6 months ago.
My time in Cubase is not a reflection of my time in the professional industry*
Normally 6 months is not a lot. But I spend everyday from 7am to 2am on Cubase or learning on Cubase. I’ve read over 3 days on the forum. Watched every possible video on YouTube you could from the vast wealth of creators.
Normally I would agree 6 months isn’t a lot of time to judge a DAW.
But it comes done to diligence of the individuals learning.
Like I’ve read the manual back to front….twice lol

That being said. If industry insiders say that this has not been the best look instead of going. “Yeah sure pft. Like you know anyone.”
It might be more constructive to ask why they are saying those things???
Once again the forum proving its “it’s not Cubase, you just don’t know how to use it” vibe lol

Ps wouldn’t it be very silly to say I have knowledge of what large studios and labels are saying without any actual lived experience.
I know people love to talk and use bull to back it up. But I fall in the if you don’t know what your talking about then shut your mouth Camp

If you are going to do undo properly, then rather than fudging around with two or 3 scopes, it is probably time to go back and determine what the practical scopes for undo are.

I can see a track data scope (notes, events, parts, processing e.g. quantising), a track settings scope (EQ, inputs, inserts & sends), an instrument scope (a container for VST instruments if the VST spec), and then some project level undo (track ordering, deletion), so I am up to at least 4 stacks of undo of which some of those stacks are per track. Does a track version retain its undo stack? Do undo stacks persist across project saves?

But if we have multiple scopes, what is the UI? Ctrl-Z and context aren’t enough.

I am not sure whether you describe what you would like to have in the program or what there actually is.

Currently we have several Undo stacks in Cubase.

  • Project level - accessible/viewable in Edit → Undo Histroy
  • Mix Console - accessible/viewable in the Left Zone of the Mix Console
  • Zoom - accessible only via key commands
  • Visibility agent in the MixConsole
  • ??? there is a fifth one that I always forget about

Additionally we have the undo for quantisation. That is not a stack, though. It is just to put the events back to their position prior to quantisation.

I assume you can call Direct Offline Processing a kind of undo as well.

Track versions are part of the project undo stack.
VSTi undo, which was part of the MixConsole undo stack, has been completely removed with Cubase 13.

Undo stacks are not saved with a project. If you close Cubase all undos will be erased from memory.

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As already mentioned, there are currently just two undo scopes: project undo and mixer (VSTfx) undo. Track deletion and ordering are included in the project undo which makes sense to me. None of the two existing undo stacks persists across project saves. The keyboard shortcut for project undo/redo is Ctrl-Z/Ctrl-Shift-Z and the keyboard shortcut for mixer undo/redo is Alt-Z/Alt-Shift-Z. So, the focus (UI context) is not taken into account for keyboard control of undo operations. Overall, I have the feeling that the undo concepts in Cubase/Nuendo are very well thought out. Just the VSTi undo stack is missing.

Well said

You are right, there are more than two undo scopes. Zoom operations and visibility changes have both their own history. However, they have just a UI effect :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just expressing my opinion that the undo doesn’t do what I want it to do, so suggesting that a proper think about different use cases would not go amiss, because other people also might have their own scenarios - I’m not suggesting I have the one true way, just I think I have a clue something isn’t as good as it could be…

As I say, the really obvious one to me is track level undo - I’ve gone around doing something and realise I want to undo something on a different track I haven’t touched after 30 minutes of editing - as I mentioned, undoing a bounce that I didn’t bother creating a version for just in case.

Now, with being careful over workflows, using track versioning and the like, you can create some commit points at a track level which persist across saves, but without going and examining the history pane I don’t really trust undo aside from immediate track editing.

After all, undo is about cock-up, not workflow, so the more Cubase saves editors from themselves the better.

They do? Can you give me a hint where to find or access that?

When I search for “undo” in the commands window search field, I get this:



Thanks, that is not the one I keep forgetting about, though. I have edited my post above adding this stack.

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